Happy Birthday, Stevie Wonder

stevie_wondersmall.jpgHow do you say 'happy birthday' to a man who actually wrote a "Happy Birthday" song? How do you put into words the impact he's had on R&B and soul music history? How do you pay all due respect to a global icon who's amassed more than thirty top ten hits, won a record twenty-five Grammy awards, an Academy award for Best Song and has been inducted into both the Rock & Roll and Songwriters halls of fame?

In fact, how do you thank the man who gave us "Isn't She Lovely" and "My Cherie Amour"? The man who took us to "Higher Ground," who had a "Part Time Lover" and dared anyone to question him about it? How do you do better than "Do I Do," "You Are the Sunshine of My Life," "Living for the City" and "I Was Made to Love Her"? How do you even begin to acknowledge the motion picture soundtracks to which he's contributed, the television shows on which he's appeared, the duets he's been a part of, the tribute songs he's inspired? How do you shout out his patented head sway, the beads, the hairline, the way he made the harmonica cool, his mastery of the keyboard, clavinet, et al?

If you're SoulBounce, you pay the ultimate respect by including his songs on our Top 100 countdown. And today, right now, we do it through words: Happy 58th Birthday, Steveland Hardaway Morris, aka Stevie Wonder!

What's your favorite Stevie song?  Let us know.

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    Best Singer, Best Songwriter of ALL TIME period.
    Hope he gets to the gym and stays healthy, he's looking over weight these days and we need him around as long as possible. His last album was great and had some nice joints.

  2. Make Sure You're Sure from the Jungle Fever soundtrack.

  3. I would have to blog in the comments to answer that one. According to MY list, it's "As" and "Ribbon In The Sky." I could add 20 others, some of which you mentioned here.
    Happy Birthday Stevie.
    Nice tribute W.

  4. @Mutada:
    I've found myself thinking the same thing quite often. Him and Aretha. We need him here on earth. God can't have him yet. Stevie channels him just fine on this plane.
    As for a favorite Stevie joint... impossible. I could say "With Each Beat of My Heart" but then I'd feel like I'm neglecting my other children.
    When it comes to dj'ing, "Do I Do" might be my top WMD of all time for party smashing. The super long version of course. Gotta work the dynamics on that jont.

  5. It is impossible to pick a favorite Stevie Wonder song...they are all so good for so many different reasons...his songs touch your life, get in your soul, open your eyes...
    Happy Birthday Stevie! Thanks for the love!

  6. I go back an forth on my Fav Stevland song. One year its Past Time Paradise, then the next year it Overjoyed.. Over time Overjoyed has probably become my fav.. BUT HE HAS Soooooo many good songs ! Even his not so great stuff..Some of the Characters (Except "You will know" and "Skeletons") and Some of Jungle Fever ("Make sure your sure" and Chemical Love were great) stuff is really good.
    Even his cheezy stuff: (Don't drive and Upset Stomach) Are excellent songs.. There will never be another Stevie and he's got TONS of unreleased material. Hopefully he can sit down and sort through it, mix it and we can also have that material around. I hope he takes care of himself and hits the tread mill, he's really not that old 58..And his voice**Maybe not as much live** But in the studio is STILL THERE. His last album sounded awsome

  7. Man, trying to pick my favorite Stevie Wonder song is like trying to pick my favorite freckle on my face. Although I will say that at the moment one of his songs that I am stanning for is "Golden Lady" from Innervisions. The man is a musical genius and all of his songs are national treasures.
    Has everyone caught his Songs In the Key of Life special that's been running on VH1 Soul 24/7? If you haven't seen it, you need to set your DVR/VCR/Betamax immediately to record it and see his genius in action.
    Happy birthday to a man who has given us so many gifts.

  8. Real talk (LOL), I have always absolutely looooved "Go Home" even though I'm likely a party of one on that one.
    As far as picking a fave track of Steveland's I still love "I Am Singing" & "Contusion" from Songs In The Key of Life, but "Rocket Love" is probably my favorite...this week 🙂

  9. sooo many Stevie songs I love but one of my favorites off the top of my head is Overjoyed.

  10. If I HAD to pin down my most favorite Stevie songs are "AS" and "All I Do". The man is is a veritable encyclopdia of hits...or maybe a "Talking Book" of hits.

  11. i, as it seems everyone else is too, am having a difficult time pinning my favorite record by stevie.
    i will say right now though that 'summer soft', 'black man' are two that are definitely getting constant rotation. 'blame it on the sun' and 'rocket love' are two that getting carried in my back pocket constantly. the list just seems to go on, and on.

  12. Stevie's easily my favorite male artist. Ever. The man is beyond brilliant.. My current faves (because they change regularly) are "Superwoman (Where Were You When I Needed You)" , "Love's In Need Of Love Today", and "As


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