Idle Warship to Hillary: ‘Fall Back’


We tend not to get into politics on SoulBounce, although we have been known to Barack our bodies on occasion. But nevermind that. Talib Kweli and Res of Idle Warship have a new track, "Fall Back," that came with the poster graphic above, which has been tastefully edited for content. It's much better than their last track in my opinion. Talib verbally berates Hillary as only he can, while Chester French lets her know on the hook that she "ain't gon' win," so "just throw the towel in." Strong message, nice track.

Idle Warship feat. Chester French: "Fall Back"

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6 Responses

  1. love this.

  2. LOL, damn.

  3. Kottam, Joe Rogan! They didn't have to do her like that!!! (yeah, they did 🙂

  4. Following the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., Rodham (Hillary)organized a two-day student strike and worked with Wellesley's black students to recruit more black students and faculty
    Taken from
    This is just a taste of some of the work that Hillary has done for African Americans. If she can't win then why is everyone pressuring her to drop out? Seems like Talib and Res need to read some books.
    If Obama can't win without a bunch of folk "Berating" Hill than maybe he should throw in the towel.

  5. OKP included your link today for folks to listen to the track.
    Shine on