J Dilla & Bilal ‘Remember’

Thumbnail image for J_Dilla.jpgJ Dilla has been lauded as one of the most original hip hop producers of our time. ?uestlove has even referred to him "my Yoda." Despite his untimely death two years ago, J Dilla's music lives on. Pay Jay, a thus far unreleased album, will hopefully see the light of day. But until that time comes, let this track soothe your jones for some great soulful hip hop music. "Remember" features Bilal on vocals, Pete Rock on production, and J Dilla on the rhyme tip. Truly lovely. 

J Dilla feat. Bilal: "Remember"

[H/T: 2DB]

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5 Responses

  1. I was an ATCQ fan when i was first introduced to hiphop. I was immediately a slum village fan when I would catch j-88 tracks online and definitely on it when i heard 2U4U. I miss the hell out of his production. I loved Common's Electric Circus album, forget you bandwagon cats. lol. Good looking out on this.

  2. Oh, and you gotta love the wonderfully laidback pete rock. Bilal is a hook master, so never a worry there. Man, I think Bilal would sound nice doing a Pete Rock track, or maybe someone else from his camp penning one for him.

  3. Did someone say Bilal?
    Can it get any better than this? DILLA AND BILAL?!! I think not.
    Love it! Thanks for sharing SB!

  4. Is it possible to get a MP3 of that cut. I do R&B/Soul/Neo here in Pensacola at Post 182 Friday nights. I would love to have that cut man.

  5. OK, why am I just getting around to listening to this song? BANGER. This will be nice on the summer soundtrack.