JD Gets all Kanye-Like on Usher’s Behalf

You might want to turn down your speakers if you're at work watching this. In the following hilarious clip, Jermaine Dupri cuts a fool because Usher has to "share" a Billboard magazine cover with recent SESAC Award winner Danja. According to JD, this is "what's wrong with the music industry" when someone like Usher who has sold tens of millions of records and is the biggest R&B/Pop star to walk the earth since Jesus was a boy has to take a backseat to someone else. "No disrespect to who this is on the cover," JD says. It might worth pointing out that Danja produced "Appetite" for Here I Stand and "Migrate" for Mariah. I'm sure JD knows this.

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3 Responses

  1. I wish this miglet would shut up.We know Usher sold millions..

  2. Danja shouldve worked on his MIA girlfriends flop

  3. Is he serious?? He should be grateful that Usher is on the cover!! Most artist wish they were able to even get recognized in Billboard let alone be on the cover. People are never satisfied!! Does Usher write his own songs? Because Danja actually write the songs that put people on the billboard top 100. Anyway, everyone knows that Usher is a good singer/dancer.


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