Karina Pasian Has Something For The Teens

A few weeks ago we featured Karian Pasian's debut single "16 @ War" and
now a video has premiered for the track. Karina is playing a piano decorated in dope graffiti at the beginning of the clip and fully clothed throughout. Refreshing! And the video has a message as deep as the lyrics. Hopefully subsequent videos from young Miss Pasian won't find her pop, locking and dropping it like it's hot like so many of her teen sistren.
Share this one with the young ladies in your life.


3 Responses

  1. Are you guys just swimming around in my head? This song has been in my head for the past week. It is very effective in a strange unexpected way considering how I am not a 16 year old black girl.

  2. This chick is cool. She has RANGE, vocal tone, and vocal control. She will be the business!


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