Morning Soul: Your Lips Said Hello

  • Where does Michael Jackson shop? I mean really. [BS]
  • Usher: ''I was going out night to night, having a different woman in my bed
    every time I chose, and I began to wonder: Am I really being a playa or
    am I a whore?'' [EW]
  • Slick Rick probably won't get deported after getting pardoned by the governor of New York. [MTV]
  • Salt-N-Pepa's here...on the cover of Today's Black Woman. [US]
  • Diddy and Tracey Edmonds are dating. SIKE! [E!]
  • Chrisette Michele is trying to get people to watch House of Payne. Good luck with that. [SR]

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4 Responses

  1. totally made my day. Thanks.

  2. Ursher is shockingly mature in that interview. Wow.

  3. This song is still the greatest! What happened to Shai????

  4. Nobody--not even my beloved Chrisette Michele--could make me watch that hot mess of a show called House of Paine again. I sat down to watch the first two episodes. I was so excited, because I love me some Tyler Perry. But afterwards, I was left high and dry. The only good part was when Madea came and said "heller. How you dern?" That's it. Everything--and I mean everything--was low budget. The set, the camerawork... just a shame. But the worst part of all was the script. How is it that this millionaire (billionaire?) man
    can make thoroughly hilarious movies, but is not able to make one funny sitcom episode, or at least splurge a little so it doesn't look so... underdone? Whatever.


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