Morning Soul: Not Just Knee Deep

  • Jill Scott is going on tour to promote her new bra line. [JS]
  • Ciara is jumping on the bandwagon and will be putting some "house" music on her next CD. When is this madness going to stop? [BB]
  • Mariah Carey gushed to Ellen Degeneres about her hubby yesterday. [WSHH]
  • Rumors of Nate Dogg's death have been greatly exaggerated. [ID]
  • Kanye West already told us that when he got on he'd leave her ass for a white girl so are we really surprised at this? [PH]

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1 Response

  1. Oh give it a rest with Ciara!!! She doin a 3 disk album!!! Shes gonna have the R&B stuff on there so chillout!!! Also remember Ciara is not hoping on no damn bandwangon she stared that shit in 06 with the Evolution!!! She just know how to balance her music out!!!! Anyway "Supernatural" is a nice mid-tempo R&B ballad!!!


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