Name That Beat: Give It All You Got

Welcome back to Name That Beat! Last week's winner, along with some hint-dropping from DJ Stylus, was Sam Champ who gave the correct answer of "Cause I Need It" by one of the few jazz harpists in the history of the genre, Dorothy Ashby. This harp-heavy track was used for quite a few tracks including Que-D's "Rockbox," and a snippet of this track was also used on "A Million And One Questions" by Jay-Z.  The best use of this track, in my opinion, was used by InI on their seminal classic "Fakin' Jax."

Dorothy Ashby: "Cause I Need It"

InI: "Fakin' Jax"

This week's beat is below. To be correct, your answer must include the following:
  • The artist(s) and title of the beat
  • The artist(s) and title of the song that sampled it

Good luck!

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3 Responses

  1. always get me on the jazz Ill Mami. I'll have to ask the husband when he gets home...

  2. and the answer is.......
    Charles Mingus - Mingus Fingus No. 2
    Organized Konfusion - Stress


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