New Stevie Wonder…Sort Of

stevie_wonder_painting.gifRemember back in the day, depending on how old you are, when you could anticipate a new Stevie Wonder album and all of the delectable singles that would come along with it every three years or so? We know, those days are gone, and we're all feeling the pain. Wouldn't you like to hear some unreleased material? Yes, you read that right: unreleased Stevie? Word has it on Okayplayer that these two tracks were recorded in 1974, in between Innervisions and Fulfillingness' First Finale. The tracks are beautiful, amazing, musically orgasmic blossoms of love. Bad news: they're only snippets. But get that puss off your face and press play if you haven't already. It'll likely be the best 90 seconds of your entire day. 

Much thanks to 2 Dope Boyz for hipping us to this. 
Stevie Wonder: "Snippet 1"

Stevie Wonder: "Snippet 2"

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11 Responses

  1. musically orgasmic blossoms of love
    Cut it out Mami. LOL! I need a musical massage after reading this.
    Yea I had a puss on. I need more of #1.

  2. My Lord. I'm trippin' that Stevie's tracks left on the cutting room floor are doper than 99% of the mess parading around as soul music today. The world needs to hear this lost album.

  3. Man oh man, snippet 2 is the ish............its so sad to know that there is more passion and emotion emulated on a two second snip of a cutting room Stevie Track than 90% of music released today. You know everyone is mad that these are just snippets

  4. Beautiful songs. Do they have names or what?

  5. Man, that made my morning...

  6. we need more info on these tracks!! stevie let us know!!! i am diggin thissss!

  7. Avatar

    AMAZING I really hope they release the full songs, but I really hope someone does'nt just plunder his unreleased songs and release them on the internet..that would be lame. Mr Wonder will release them when he's good and ready..I can waite
    Official Stevie Wonder Stan

  8. How dare you make love to me like that and suddenly pull away. These snippets far outshine most of the piffle now fronting as modern R&B. When is this coming out? I can barely wait.

  9. The scary thing about this is if these tracks are really from 1974 can you imagine the number of tracks that Stevie considered throwaways but would seem like pure joy to us.

  10. Hi. Just wanted to comment and say thank you so much for sharing these with us. I hope to hear more outtakes and demos in the future of his songs. I love that kind of stuff and I hope he realizes that his fans love this and always crave/want more of this kind of thing! Thanks again!

  11. Over a month later, I still can't get this out my head!


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