Record Store Owners Breathe Sigh Of Relief As Nas Agrees To Change Album Title

nas-nigger-shirt.jpgI sure hope Nas didn't get too many of these t-shirts printed. News broke yesterday that he has decided to change the controversial title of his forthcoming album from Nigger to Nas. This likely came as a response to the less than favorable response to his song "Be A Nigger Too" from the upcoming album. But this album will not be named after himself after all. Nas' initial decision to name the album after the racist term or term of endearment, depending on who you speak to, was fueled by Don Imus' ill-fated decision to call the winning Rutgers University women's basketball team "nappy headed hoes," then claimed that hip hop made him do it. Nas continues to cite that "the streets" will know what the real title of his upcoming project is, but knows it will be damn near impossible for a certain majority in this country to walk into a store and request help finding the album. I for one was hoping that this album's original title would spark heated deabte when it dropped, but alas this is a dream deferred. The title is still unknown, but let's all hope it's not called Junglebunny

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