Rumored Producers for Whitney’s Comeback Proves Singers Over 40 Don’t Get Out Much

Thumbnail image for whitney-houston.jpgPrepare for an imaginary fourth quarter "showdown" between Whitney Houston and that other troubled "Itney" in 2008. I swear, the fact that so many music sites are even uttering their names in the same sentence with regards to music makes me want to cancel my Internet. But this isn't about people inventing competition where there is none. This is about the geniuses behind Whitney's new album and their refusal to just let the woman release an album without hyping it's likely producers.

Last week, I bemoaned the prospect of Michael Jackson enlisting the ubiquitous likes of Akon and Will.I.Am for his next project. According to several reports (Google them, there's a-plenty), Whitney's doing the same thing. Also rumored to be working on the project? R. Kelly. Sure, these guys are all talented in their own right, I suppose. But it seems more and more like labels are going to them for the caché and not much else. If Whitney was a new artist, or an artist without obvious talent, this would be fine. But the people that are likely to buy a Whitney Houston album are buying it for Whitney Houston, and frankly I do not want to hear our Whitney digitized "Migrate"-style just because someone forgot what R&B was supposed to sound like.

Yes. I went there.

Music has changed so much, and I don't necessarily need her to reach back to Babyface and Diane Warren (which she might), but just imagining her working with those other guys sounds like a complete trainwreck. Can we get some Gordon Chambers up on there? I'm just saying.


2 Responses

  1. It's all about selling the record and right now in demand songwriters and producers are what record companies see as SELLING the record. Sad truth is she has to compete with RHianna**shudders**, Beyonce , Mariah & yes Britney

  2. Unfortunately in order for one to remain relevant in the current music industry, songs like "migrate" are neccessary, and even sometimes an exciting change. I find it fairly ironic that when Mariah and Whitney were releasing ballad after ballad people were complaining about the monotony. Whitney bowed out and Mariah heeded the complaints of the critics... She had some of the best success of her career, and I'm pretty sure "migrate" will do well also. Yet and still we manage to complain... It must be hard trying to remain relevant. I wish Whitney as much success as Mariah has had even if she comforms to a more modern sound.


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