‘Run and Hide’ With Algebra

Remember back in February when we posted a poll for people to choose Algebra's next single from her debut album, Purpose? The majority of voters chose "Run and Hide" over "Halfway" and sure enough it's got next. You'll probably be hearing the song on your radio soon, but if not you can watch the video without further delay below. Algebra can be seen fronting an all-female band and choosing from a number of would-be male suitors before she finds Mr. Right. I'm sure that "I Love Algebra" t-shirt he's rocking may have had something to do with it.


2 Responses

  1. Her cd is tight!! I hope her next single is "Can I Keep You?" That is my favorite song on the album.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm loving that the "underground" artist are keeping REAL musiq alive....


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