112’s Q Wants To ‘Get At You’

Looks like that 112 reunion I've been crossing my fingers, toes and eyes for won't be happening any time soon, but through counseling I'm learning to live with that fact. It also helps that the group members are all preparing solo projects to keep my ears temporarily satisfied. New music from Slim has surfaced recently, and now it's time for Quinnes Parker, aka Q., to give us some fresh flava for our ears.

True confession time: Q. is my favorite member of 112. His voice (amongst other physical attributes) always got me open, and in the track "Get At You" he does it to me once again. Q. sings to a young lady about how he wants to upgrade her--if she would only give him the time of day. Produced by Bryan-Michael Cox, I think this is officially the 50-11th song to sample Michael Jackson's "The Lady In My Life." Recycled sample aside, I'm loving this joint because it sounds like it could be a straight-up 112 song. I'll be cranking this one all summer.

Q.: "Get At You"

Q. [MySpace]


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10 Responses

  1. Q always reminded me of porn star, Justin Slayer. They look like twins. Nice song though. 🙂

  2. It's no secret. . .Q is most people's favourite out of 112 and this is a solid R&B head nod.

  3. Always thought 112 could have blown up into a new age new edition but Puffy held them cats back. This track is smooth and I will have to invest in the album.

  4. This track is okay, but L.L. Cool J's "Hey Lover," which also uses MJ's "the Lady In My Life," is better because it's slower in tempo which (along with Boyz II Men's harmony) surrounds you with this comforting, soulful vibe. Like a warm blanket in the winter time.

  5. The opening....LL Cool J's Hey Lover featuring Boys II Men. Besides that I am liking the song. I would love to see and hear more of Q. I agree with stoneyisland Diddy not only did 112 dirty, but New Edition too. DAY26 will suffer as well.

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    Do we really need a solo from Q? Daron Jones was the most talented and the backbone of the group.

  7. I dont know who Justin Slayer is but go to Q's webpage and tell me the dude dont look like D-wade's twin brother:)

  8. Yeah, I'm not too keen on doing any research into the appearance of some porn dude, lol.

  9. Ok. I'm surprised that I like this. 112's last 2 cd's were kinda ... not good. A few solid songs.. overall skippable.
    But I like this from Q. Good stuff. Looking to hear more.

  10. This song is aight.
    I've been in love with Q since the 9th grade, but iI must agree with Mutada. I remember never even noticing Daron until I saw him perform a solo on Video Soul...blew me away. i dont understand why he wasnt the lead singer from the get go.