#46: Groove Theory “Tell Me”

groove_theory.jpgWhen Groove Theory's "Tell Me" dropped at the end of the summer of 1995, it shocked just about everyone with its sweet simplicity. I say "sweet" because Amel Larrieux's voice sounded almost as though it may have been barely audible above a whisper when she was recording it in the studio. "Tell Me" was the type of track that everyone seemed to agree upon, much like Zhane had done three years earlier with their summer jam, "Hey Mr. D.J." Everyone from young and old, those who were "conscious" all the way down to those who hugged the block seemed to adore this song. First fun fact: there was a reason why Amel was filmed in a voluminous top and barely moved to the beat in the video. She was pregnant with her first daughter at the time that Epic Records decided to push herself and former Mantronix member Bryce Wilson into the limelight. Second fun fact: that's Trey Lorenz's voice that appears towards the end of the song. Despite the fact that Amel and Bryce (also known for being Toni Braxton's cutie in "Making Me High") were not able to continue on as a creative pair, this song has helped to cement what some may feel are a one-hit-wonders into our collective consciousness. And those of us who really know what's up, know that the rest of the Groove Theory album is a slept-on classic. In the meantime, take a trip down memory lane and reminisce to a time when you were younger and it was just as hot outside. Ahhhh...I can feel the dewiness on my skin right now.


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  1. Thanks to whoever had this on their list. This song takes me back to parties in my sophomore year in college. No matter what we were doing, we HAD to be on the dance floor when this one came on. We all thought we could sang just like Amel...and we all wanted Bryce to be our baby daddy!
    Slept on classic INDEED. There's NO skips on this one. Now I know what I'll be rocking this on my way home tonight...get me through that dreaded commute.

  2. AMEN! finally i see one of my choices on the list lol...i remember seeing this video on "the box" YEARSSSSS ago and falling inlove with it INSTANTLY, and still to this day i still get the same feeling listening to it.
    i concur with vivrant..NO SKIPS what so ever on that album, i actually think im gonna put it in today! such a summer many of yall remember "good 2 me"..ugh YES

  3. beautiful joint cant front on it. Amel isnt only beautiful but baby doll has a wonderful voice. Scoop up her solo joints.

  4. This is a great song. I remember seeing the video for the first time and falling in love with Amel.

  5. ...i remember writing the record company bio for these guys; jeez, time flies.

  6. I absolutely loved them. too bad i was probably only one of the few to actually buy the album!!! Wish they would have been more popular

  7. This song came out the year I moved to NYC. I thought was grown and sexy. Sounds just as good now as it did then.

  8. Man, I remember being hypnotized by this waaay back in hight school! Somebody definately knows what they're talking about...
    God, I love this site.

  9. I still bump this record. Love it. Love Amel. Love Bryce. This was an awesome duo and the smooth sounds and the beats! Magic!