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You know how the teasing triumvirate--that would be Bilal, D'Angelo, and Maxwell in increasing order of nipple-pulling annoyance--haven't released an album in more than five years? Despite all of this, you still have a clinging belief that one day you'll check your inbox and there will be some sort of special message just for you that one of these artists has quit lollygagging and come out with new music already. Meanwhile, some of the present soul artists have you excited, but not the frenzy-inducing panting and writhing that comes with hearing genre-bending soul music? I know how you feel. And I think I may have the antidote to this relenting teasing: St. Louis' own Coultrain. Yes, it's spelled that way because his nickname was "Train" for the longest, not because he compares himself to the late, great John Coltrane. I know that you may think that I'm getting a little too overzelaous with my claim that he may be the next thing that your iPod will be getting sick of playing, but trust me on this one. Just press play on the tracks below. You'll thank me later. 
Coultrain: "Love...Meaning"

Coultrain: "Lost In Translation"

Coultrain: "The Girl of My Dreams"

Coultrain [Official][MySpace]

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  1. I will cut Bilal a little more slack than Maxwell and D'Angelo, since his stuff was bootlegged and poor label management.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I just bought this cd.

  3. Kind of smooth but not sure if it's worth spending 13 dollars on....

  4. Avatar

    Love...Meaning was really nice.

  5. I like the music..but the comparison to Bilal, D'angelo, or Maxwell is wwwaaaayyy offf!!! His voice sounds more like Donnie , Stevie or Donny Hathaway

  6. I don;t think you're bieng overzealous at all; this guy's got it and it's infectious. I've been playing this slab for a couple of months and it's one of my fave discs for the summer hands down.

  7. been bumping this for some time now, got put on to him from some peeps Stateside. like L'oreal, he's worth it.

  8. I agree with Miz Nay, he reminds me of Stevie Wonder. I love him, been on him for a while

  9. Definitely sounds like Donnie. Sounds good, too!!


  11. He's got a voice that rises and growls like Donnie and a style that reminds me of Peven Everrett. It's dope stuff. Man, I wish he had someone in his circle that could master his music. Sometimes he sounds like he is far off in a hallway and it doesn't seem like it is the intended effect. There was even one point in "lost in Translation" where his vocals started peaking really hard. oook, off of that. yes. I am very glad I cycled back through the audio threads to find this. man, i used to always say this about my ex. "Can't trust you as far as I can throw you" HA!


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