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Little Dragon is a prime example of how not only looks can be deceiving, but geographical origins can be as well. Hailing from Sweden (like fellow compatriot Kissey Asplund), it is likely due to the physical distance from the melisma-laden computer-altered pop & blues that passes for "good" these days that this band is able bring a rarefied soul not typically heard from the land within our shores.

Friends from high school, Little Dragon all have backgrounds in jazz, reggae, synth-pop, bossa nova and R&B music, but it is the voice of Yukimi Nagano whose undefinable sound serves to bind it all together. The best way to describe their sound would be to put Sade and Bjork in a blender, mix it up and send it 50 years into the future. It is likely their uncategorized sound that has prevented more from knowing about them since their album did drop last year. But now that you know about Little Dragon, please be sure to share. Be sure to check them in action below.

Little Dragon [Official][MySpace]

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  1. They are getting it in in Sweden! Let me find out. I'm digging hard on "No Love". And that was so not the voice I expected to come out of that woman's body.

  2. Little Dragon has been in constant rotation for me for the past few months. Def. a hidden gem!

  3. See, this is why I love Soulbounce.
    I have to go and find this album- ASAP!

  4. Scandinavia has been getting it for a long time, Sweden in particular.
    Google these:
    Up Hygh
    Freddie Crueger
    Beady Belle
    everything on G.A.M.M. and Raw Fusion
    Swell Session
    Nuspirit Helsinki
    and I'm leaving out mad folks.
    I guess when it's dark and cold as hell all there is to do is make amazing music.

  5. Sweden? I'm diggin' this.

  6. Love this group. I was hynotized by "Twice" and the youtube vid that accompanies.

  7. OMG!!! I'm in love... THAT WAS FIERCE!!

  8. Gothenburg (where Little Dragon is from) is particularly hot, and spewed out the majority of the really ill, unique soultronica fusionists that started catching fire 'round the world in the last 8 years or so.
    The scene even had a catchy name, "Gonkyburg". The term isn't so much in vogue anymore but the stream of interesting music hasn't slowed down.
    Get caught up, bammas!

  9. on itunes NOW

  10. Yes, yes, and more yes! I got turned onto Little Dragon recently and I LOVE this band! Awesome!

  11. @ DJ Stylus
    Forget not the sounds of Hird (who needs to drop a new CD) and Quant.
    @ SoulBounce for talking up Little Dragon
    about time the people knew. Thanks!