D’Angelo Ready for His J Records Debut. Almost.

We've addressed it here before. And we stand by the fact that next week's release of D'Angelo's The Best So Far... CD/DVD retrospective isn't nearly going to cut it for a fan base that has been waiting patiently on a new disc from the cornrowed crooner for eight years. We know D's old stuff. Bring on the new. Well, apparently someone over at J Records was listening, as the first official word came out this week that a new single may mercifully finally emerge by the end of this year, with an as-yet-untitled album on tap for early 2009.

This will be D'Angelo's J Records debut, and according to sources, he's already collaborated with Raphael Saadiq and also plans to record with John Mayer for the new album. Definitely looking forward to that. A duet with labelmate Alicia Keys wouldn't hurt either. But that's just me thinking out loud. Probably makes too much sense. But you know what? I won't be greedy. At least there's news...and new stuff on the way.

D'Angelo Gets Busy on J Records Debut [BB]

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  1. ah no one has commented? maybe this will be the same year that mr. maxwell opens up those heavenly chops and serenades us! bout time d'angelo! i wonder if he has his six pack back? not that i'm that vain or anything i can always close my eyes and dream ....

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    Much as I loved D's first album, and slowly digested his second... i'll belive it when I see it... When I can go to Best Buy and plunk down $12.99 for the disk. Hope he's workng with Quest Love, Hope the voice has not been ruined by smoking and hard living, hope he does his Prince thing and hope he hooks up with rafael sadiq. Should ne great

  3. Ugh...not the hugest fan of D but if he workin with John Mayer, I'm definitely not feelin it.

  4. Oh how I love the tall lanky groovyness that is John Mayer, but I'm not convinced that a song with D and J will be good unless it's seriously on the blues tip. Will (figuratively) hold my breath until I hear more.

  5. The side-eyes abound huh? Understandable. Cocaine is a helluva drug. We'd like to believe that he's on the comeback focused enough to give us material for an entire album....(and tour!) Will it be the same old D...or an even better D? Remains to be seen.
    I'm not sure I'll plunk down any coins for this Best So Far though.

  6. Personally, I could give a damn if the brother brings out another album or not, all the time he has let pass betweens albums shows exactly how much love he has for his true fans. You would think he is Luther or somebody, I mean 2 albums, really 1 since his second album was pure garbage and he has the balls to take off damn near 6 years between albums????? yeah he must be smoking some powerful shit to think people are gonna sit and wait on him to come back....