Dru Hill Attempts to Get ‘Loose’ With New Single

OK, so maybe I've been working too many long hours lately. That must be it, because when I received the new Dru Hill single in my inbox last night, I was prepared for my nerves to be further frazzled by it. Especially when I saw the title of the song was "Loose," from an upcoming album called *sigh* InDRUpendence Day. Then I snickered, recalling how Woody shook himself "loose" from the group during their reunion interview on air, and the open auditions for his replacement being "loosely" competitive, while they had some dude called "TayTay" (nOva, 2008) on the back burner all along. 

So then the single began to play, and it's a slow jam (please don't let it be confused with a ballad) that, within the first few seconds, made my side-eye wanna run "loose." Let's run it down, shall we? Talking during the intro? Check. Product placement within the first five words of the lyrics? Check. Sisqo singing lead vocals and apologizing to yet another young lady for verbally assaulting her with horrible pick-up lines as she talks on her phone while walking down the street? Check. There's so much about this song that belongs on an "We're Not in the '90s Anymore" episode on VH1. But again, I've been working too many long hours lately. Maybe the song is a winner and my good judgment is what's been shaken "loose." Give it a listen and let us know. I'm going to take a nap.

Dru Hill: "Loose"

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17 Responses

  1. Hate to sound crass but, this song is nothing but a penis softener.

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    Good post Harlem
    Minus the Sisco talking intro.. I like it !
    Its nice to hear some wah guitar and a track that doesn't loop every eight bars.. I've grown tired of the triple time twitching 808 hi hats, over used arpegiating synths and the 808 boom kick. Its nice to hear some production.
    Now if someone could go find Devante Swing..slap him in the head, get him into Detox .. and say.."Dude you are a f*cking genious, get back in the studio and make another classic album with Jodeci." We wouldn't have listen to Jodeci-light.. oop's I meant Dru Hill

  3. "penis softener"? - LMAO!!!!!!!
    I'm mad a Dru Hill for still trying. The first 2 albums were good but now? Kick Rocks.

  4. Well, it's good to hear some Holy Ghost singing I feel guilty for describing a song named "loose" with Holy Ghost singing.

  5. I listened to the first 50 seconds...they need to go back in the studio.

  6. Not feeling it. Sounds like a discarded Silk track but not as good.

  7. Ummmm...NO! and BOOOOOOOOOOOO...

  8. Penis softener?! Bwahaha! Say word? Well this will get no play in the bachelorette pad. I vote this for comment of the week...already.
    I'm just hoping this H.A.M doesn't get Dru banned from SB. I got two songs I need to see in the countdown. Mmmmkay?

  9. I couldn't listen past the first 15 seconds. This is crap with a capital C!!!

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    I smell some hateration up in this - this song is pretty tight and ya'll need to get off this bandwagon of Sisqo-hating just because he sang a dumb ass song called Thong Song (which still got white girls goin, so whatever). Thong Song or not, they are talented, and this new guy can sing his ass off and kills it with his piece in the end of the song. I'm actually excited for their album - we need more SANGers in the music industry these days.

  11. I can comment after "Jodeci-Light".... I can't.. that's it!

  12. LMAO....this does sound like Jodeci Circa 1994!!! It would have been nice if they came back with some fresh material. O well maybe the kids that don't have a clue about the R&B groups of the 90's will dig it.

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    You guys are fags this song owns

  14. I have always been a big Dru Hill fan but this one just aint gonna do it. It sounds like an old Jodeci song that would've never made a video or radio. I think that they should cater to what the youngins are into nowadays and ride off that. I am a very big fan of the 90s music but if this is the best type of music they can come up with then they should stick with the Chris Brown, J. Holiday, Dream type songs of today.
    Just my opinion.

  15. this is the bet sing yall ever made.

  16. yea, you have been working too many hours. go to sleep. this loose track is off da hook. dru hill's harmony cant be messed with. get passed the blond hair. when sisqo rounds them cats up to sing up on the mic, they cant be touched. best r@b group. cant wait for the album!