EXCLUSIVE: Raheem DeVaughn & Robyn Janelle Preserve the Sexy on ‘Customer’ Remix

raheem-robyn.jpgSince heads didn't necessarily roll after R. Kelly horrendously injected himself into Raheem DeVaughn's "Customer," we're proud to present what could possibly be the definitive remix. Don't be put off by the "Love in This Club" leanings, the bouncy feel of this remix perfectly suits Raheem's sensibilities. Setting the track ablaze is Geffen's newest act Robyn Janelle, hailing from the DMV. The execution is fun, sexy, and has enough familiar elements to carry it far on urban radio. Keep it locked to SoulBounce for more on Robyn Janelle.

Raheem DeVaughn feat. Robyn Janelle: "Customer" (Remix)

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  1. My side-eye was twitching at the mention of "Love in this Club" but this is a good remix, unlike that R. Kelly trash. I like the dimension that Robyn Janelle brought to the track and their interplay on it.

  2. I'm not feeling it, I like the original best, although it's hell alot better of the one with Kellz.

  3. Robyn Janelle is awesome PERIOD!!!

  4. I've heard Robyn live quite a few times around town and this is the first time I've heard a studio cut. She sounds great! I can't wait for her release. The song is cute, nice hooks. I guess I'll go listen to the original now! LOL! Ya'll better rep DC!

  5. Gonna have to vote no on this. Prefer the original to this mix as well. Couldn't get past the Love in The Club feel at all.
    She sounds like B on this track. I would like to hear more from her before I can say she's Bounceworthy.

  6. as long Robert Kelly aint on it:)

  7. I'm a fan. This is purposely playing worthy.

  8. I's sexy without being over-the-top or vulgar. Hopefully the radio stations will burn that other remix and blast this one.

  9. Avatar

    Hmmmm.... Better than the Pedo remix, but Raheem's sounding like kid pisser on this. Like the child molester said on his remix, this sounds like somthing he would do...And it does

  10. She reminds of Teedra and Keri a little.

  11. Robyn Janelle is very talented and will be at the Capital Hip Hop Soul Fest on Saturday, July 26th in Washington, DC...outdoor festival...

  12. I think Robyn sounds nice on this track but the problem is now trying to undo the skank that kelly did. she does sound a lil like beyonce and no one complained when she injected herself into the justin timberlake song... which i stopped listening to for that reason... but blessing be upon you people if you can salvage the song and get peeps to turn away from the kelly mix and not away from the track altogether

  13. Robyn Sounds amazing and the instrumental productions is HOTTTT! I look for collaboration with this emerging talent!

  14. Its okay... I wouldnt buy it tho. For one thing how many remixes does a song possibly need. Perhaps they should transfer all that energy to another brand new song and kill all these remixes. R-kelly's was worse enough. But she does sound mature for 19... And please no more Beyonce wannabes


  16. WHAT?!! If they are not embarassed I will be embarassed for them. Oh Marvin! Oh Ella! Oh Tupac and Biggie! Rolling rolling in their graves.
    Come on Black Music, we are better than this.

  17. I like the new gal's voice, but I'm going to have to vote "NO" on the song. Those lyrics made me frown. Raheem knows better...come on, man. Did he HAVE to mention a lollipop?

  18. WOW!!!!! Robyn has truly grown up!!!! Her sound is awesome, can't wait to see her again and hear that soulful voice in person.


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