From The Comfort Of The SoulBounce Couch: Live-Blogging The BET Awards ’08

alicia_keys_love_hate_crop.jpgAre you ready to rumble? Once again, it's on with the SoulBounce BET Awards '08 live-blog. Sit back, relax and join in on the clowning in the comments section.

  I should warn y'all that I've been watching BET since 6 o'clock. My mind ain't no types of right at the moment. Especially after witnessing Keyshia Cole's mother drop it like it's hot on the 106th & Park Pre-Show in her gown, which she described as a "Mandel situation." Did I really agree to do this?

   Ulcer Usher is opening the show with "Love in this Club." Isn't this song played out yet?

8:01   Oh look it's Robo-Usher complete with robotic moves and bad lip-synching. Yeah, this is definitely played out.

8:05   MC Lyte is doing the run down of who's gonna be on the show. She now hosts a corny dating show on the channel. A job is a job, I guess.

8:06   Here comes D.L. Hughley. In a purple hat that doesn't match his outfit. This doesn't bode well.

8:09   His jokes are semi-funny.  Oh snap, he just said that Hillary Clinton looked like Willie Nelson. I'm spent. Already.

   Weirdo Terrence Howard and my girl Jennifer Hudson are the first award presenters of the evening. D.L. mentions that they both have albums coming this September. I'm sure I will only be buying one of those.

8:11    Jenny and Terrence are getting their fake flirt on. Who writes this stuff?

8:13    And the award for Best Male R&B Artist goes to...Chris Brown! I don't want no parts of his lovey dovey, thank you very much. Raheem DeVaughn was robbed!!

8:17   YES! A new season of Hell Date is coming in July! Don't front like I'm the only one who watches that madness.

8:18   And we're back. With a Young Jeezy performance. Time for a smoke break. I guess it would help if I smoked.

8:21   Who dat? Kanye West? Even he can't save this sinking ship of a performance.

8:23   Kevin Hart and Mel B. are presenting the next award. He is so unfunny to me, not to mention titty height.

8:24   Kevin Hart just called himself the Chocolate Chris Brown. He does have jokes!

8:25   The winner of Best Male Athlete is...Kobe Bryant! He's not there to accept his award. Pity, I was really hoping he would tell us how Shaq's ass tastes in his aceptance speech.

    Keyshia Cole's sister and her cracked out mama (if I cared, I'd remember their names) are saying some foolishness, but I've tuned them out. Oh good, a commercial break.

8:31    Time for Key-lo-lo Coles to perform. She's singing "Heaven Sent" and sounds horrendous. She looks good for a change, though.

8:33    Oh Lord! She done ripped her skirt off to reveal some white hot pants. Now she's singing "Let It Go." Yeah, y'all remember that song from last year.

8:34    Oh my's Lil Asian Blonde Kim. She has on more makeup than Tammy Faye Baker, God rest her soul.

8:35    What the blood clot is this? They sound a hot sweaty ass crack in the summer mess.

8:36    It's Cuba Gooding, Jr., Nia Long and Morris Chestnut! Boyz N' Da Hood in da house! I'm so glad to see Ricky alive!! And Nia is stuntin' on these young broads.

8:37   Who let Cuba into this event? I mean, really. They told him this was a Black thang, right?

8:38   And the BET Award for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist goes to...Missy Elliott! Who's a no show. Can't say that I blame her. This ish is tired.

8:43    We're back from a commercial and Ne-Yo is performing "Closer." This song has actually grown on me, kinda like ringworm.

8:45   So far, Ne-Yo > Usher.

8:46    What the hell? Are these the Jabbawockez (or however the hell they spell their name) from America's Best Dance Crew? Did Randy Jackson approve this?

8:47    LL Cool J and Ashanti are presenting the next award. Ashanti's hair Let's just gaze at LL, shall we?

8:49   And the award for Best New Artist goes to...The Dream! THE DREAM? The eff? Ah hell naw! Chrisette Michele was robbed! T-Pain 2.0 isn't here to collect his award. Damn, is anybody here tonight except for the presenters and performers?

8:56    Alicia Keys is the next performer. Damn, Alicia got more cakes than Duncan Hines. Dem jeans are so for the fellas...and Queen Latifah.

8:57   Quincy Jones won't need no Viagra tonight after witnessing Alicia shake her groove thang.

8:58   Alicia segued into singing SWV's "Weak"! She is not cutting it, though.

8:58   Holy moly! Never mind...SWV is here to do it for her!

8:58    Hmmm...Coko and the girls ain't got it no more. This ain't the '90s no more, folks.

8:59   Aw yeah! It's the Funky Divas, En Vogue. Now, they still sound good.

9:00   TLC is on the stage with Alicia now. T-Boz sounds a mess sadly.

9:01   Where's O'so Krispie?

SWV and En Vogue joined TLC and Alicia to finish singing "Waterfalls." They may not sound the greatest, but this is beautiful to see. And at least they're all singing live.

9:03   Neicy Nash is now on telling some jokes and brings out some little white children. Anyway...

9:05   And the award for Best Male Hip-Hop Artist goes to...Kanye West! Oh here we go.

9:06    Yeezy dragged Lil Wayne up on stage. I don't know why either, other than to give him props for selling a millie. He coulda sent him a text message methinks. Kanye was surprisingly well behaved. Miracles never cease.
9:11   We're back from a commercial only to be greeted by T-Pain's fugly mug. Thanks, BET. I woulda lost my dinner had I eaten it yet.

9:11   What is this circus-themed minstrel show foolishness?

9:12   Flo-Rida Evans got his Apple Bottom jeans and boots with the fur on.

9:14   AH HELL NAW! Rick Ross appeared on stage from nowhere and has his belly on blast. Foxy Brown, how do you do it?

9:16   Why is DJ Khaled yelling at me? I want to cry!!

9:16   There's Big Boi to save the day. Finally a real lyricist on stage.

9:17    Ludacris sounds good, too. Did I ever tell y'all about my ever so slight crush on him? Guess I just did.

9:18    Gabrielle Union and her phonytail are presenting the next award with Derek Luke.

9:20    And the award for Video of the Year goes to...UGK & Outkast for "Int'l Player's Anthem (I Choose You)"!! Yes! Now this I can get with.

9:21    Relax in Paradise, Pimp C!

9:28    And we're back. D.L. has changed his outfit. Eh, nothing to see here, folks.

9:28   OMG! D.L. just introduced Marvin Sapp as Warren Sapp. I really can't do this today.

9:29    Marvin is here to bring some religion to this room full of sinnas. I need some gospel in my life right now before I lose my 'ligion.

9:34    Is that a Black woman next to Quincy Jones? Must be a seat filler. I'm just saying.    

9:34   D.L. just came out to apologize for calling Marvin Sapp out of his name. And managed to curse in the same breath. He is working on earning his one-way ticket to that hot place I see.

9:35    Wow, BET dug in the crates for Lisa Lisa. She's presenting with Mary Mary. Whoever thought of that pairing needs a raise. Right.

9:37   And the award for Best Gospel Artist goes to...Warren Sapp! SIKE! Marvin Sapp! I smell a C-O-N-spiracy seeing how he just performed and all. But I'm gon leave it at that since God don't like ugly, which doesn't explain T-Pain's existence, but I digress.

9:44   Chris Brown is here to half lip-synch/half sing. He's barely sung one ly
ric, and I'm already bored.

9:46   Oh my, here comes Ciara to skank it up. Did she borrow Alicia's wig from earlier? BET ain't got no kinda budget.

9:47    OK, what was the point of that? I'm sure all the kids watching this will be recreating those stripperific bedroom moves on the playground tomorrow. Nice.

9:48    David Banner, Cassie, Solange, Brandon T. Jackson and Soulja Boy are reppin' for Generation Now and urging folks to vote. In addition to cranking that award for Best Collabo.

9:50    And the BET Award for Best Collaboration goes to...Kayne and T-Pain! Everything's coming up roses for Kanye tonight.

9:51    Oh comes Kanye's ridiculosity. He's the King of the Game, huh? Is he serious?

9:51    Why is T-Pain moving in slow motion? All that ugly needs to scurry...quickly.

9:53    Wow, did somebody enroll Toccara into a speech class? She sounds slightly less ghetto. It could happen. 

9:58    John Legend looks kinda aight tonight. How you doin, Teddy Ruxpin? Call me.

9:59   Time for the Al Green tribute. This better be good.

9:59    "Al Green's music is cake and ice cream." Ain't that the truth!

10:01    "After a life-changing experience, Al changed his music." Yeah, I guess hot grits getting thrown at you would change your life. 

10:02   It's the newly engaged JILL SCOTT!!

10:02   OK, Jilly, what's up with that shaky start to "Still In Love With You"? Get it together now, girl.

   This outfit is not flattering. Who set Jill up like this? I wonder if she's wearing her Butterfly bra?

10:06    Anthony Hamilton was made to sing "I'm So Tired of Being Alone." Now he's doing this joint justice. Sang, Anthony!

10:06    Hold up, did Anthony clean up his facial hair situation? Let me find out. He looking kinda suave there. You go, boy! 
10:08   OHMYFREAKINGGOD! IT'S MAXWELL!!!! I can't type and scream at the same time!!!!


10:11   I think I just had an orgasm.

10:12    I have no idea what Al Green just said. Sorry, folks. Maxwell made me mess myself. Sweet Jesus on the cross I was not ready for that. I LOVE YOU, BET! I take back every bad thing I've ever said about you.

10:14   I'm gonna need a medic.

10:14    Al is putting a hurting on "Let's Stay Together." It's like a family reunion up in there with everybody singing and two-stepping in the audience. I'm loving this.

10:16    Al is having chuuch up in here. You better sang "Love and Happiness!"

10:21   Somebody say YEAH!!

10:26   Those wack 106th & Park hosts are on to present an award with some regular Joe. I'm sorry, I can't process names right now because I'm still on a Maxwell high.

10:30   And the BET Viewers Choice Award goes to...Lil Wayne! Damn, how many people did this Negro bring on stage with him? 

10:31    D.L. has had some funny jokes tonight. Rare, I know.

10:32    Rihanna is performing and sounds a hot pop mess. What else is new? I'm so sick of her. Where's Maxwell, dammit?!

10:34    Awww, look at her boo, Chris Brown, singing along from the audience. Cute.

10:40    Here's BET's HBIC, Debra Lee, to present the BET Humanitarian Award to Quincy Jones.

10:43    This video presentation is pretty nice. Kudos, BET. I really can't believe I'm saying these nice things about the channel we all love to hate. Somebody slap me.    

10:46   Queen Latifah is finishing off the presentation. So she's on Jenny Craig and has a personal trainer for a  breast best friend? Something in the milk ain't clean!

10:48   Quincy is still kicking it strong at 75 years old. A living legend in motion. Gotta love it.

10:49    "When it rains, get wet." I know that's right, Quincy! Truer words have never been spoken.

10:50   OK, what is Grandpa Q tombout now?

10:53   If I see this Baldwin Hills commercial one mo' time! Although I will be tuning in to the new season to see all that bitch slapping. These kids are fiesty!

10:54   Ashanti and her hair are back! Why is she interrupting D.L. like this? BET really needs to hire new writers.

10:55   I really didn't need to know that Ashanti got that "good, good." TMI, baby girl.

10:55   Nelly is really trying to be LL Cool J 2.0 with all these muscles rippling all over his body and what not. I ain't mad. Can we focus more on him and less on Mr. Janet Jackson Jermaine Dupri.

10:57   Ciara done jacked somebody else for their wig. What is really going on?

10:58   See, they done messed up my night with adding this Fergie broad to the bill. Sahdown!

11:00   Good Lord! Isn't this show over yet? What are Lauren London and Diddy doing on my TV screen? Oh, they still have awards to give out.

11:01   Diddy done coined another slogan: "Obama or Die"...and I'm actually not mad at that. I'm sure t-shirts will be available in five, four, three, two...

11:03   And the BET Award for Best Female R&B Artist goes to...Alicia Keys!

   I'm loving Alicia's acceptance speech. I heart her.

11:06   "Obama, y'all!" Amen to that, Alicia!

11:09   And we're back...with T-Pain. Why is BET doing this me, I repeat?

11:09   Oh look, there's Lil Wayne. I don't even know what song this is, nor do I care.  Can somebody tell me where Maxwell is, please?

    I want no parts of Wayne's "Lollipop." NONE I say!

11:10   Relax in Paradise, Static.

11:11   Oh no, these fugmos are disrobing. I can't. T-Pain's shirt says "T-Wayne." If this is a new group, I'm jumping off of my couch.

11:12   Why does T-Pain's wave cap look like a condom on top of his head. That's what his mother should have used.

11:14   And it's over...FINALLY. D.L. just breathed a a sigh of relief, and I second that emotion.

11:14   But for real, where's Maxwell?

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160 Responses

  1. I am scarred from just watching the couple minutes before the show started and you watched for an hour! Some fools talmbout they won some award and that's good for hip hop. My soul cried out.
    Ursh = boring. I kept expecting Meek Meek to come out swinging if those dancers got too close. You see he kept his distance.

  2. Girl your brain must be fried!!!!
    Ursher's music was too low and was semi wack for an opener....

  3. usher has the WORST performance. no energy. no actual singing. yea ....the show has started off on the WRONG foot.

  4. J Hud please step out of character as Effie.Its way past time.

  5. Jennifer Hudson looks like a sausage

  6. Andre Leon Talley strikes again! J-Hud looks like a stuffed Easter H.A.M. I'm really upset about this.

  7. Ursh was boring, J.Hud's dress is a bit tight for all her boobage, and Terrence Howard looked a little blunted. Shouldn't BET just call this the "Top 40 Urban Radio Regla Rotation Awards" and just stop fronting?

  8. I want to see some drama - bring on Mr.West.

  9. J. Hud needs to rethink these tight dresses...all that back meat hanging out is not the bizness!
    I was totally not impressed with Ursh..
    Wait a that Kanye with Jeezy?

  10. Why West using T-Pain's mike?

  11. i'm spent. this show is already flat and dead.

  12. will someone explain to me this movie voice-over ish for each award?

  13. I may not get there with ya'll. What kind of f*ckery is this?!
    Re Jeezy/Kanye - Even with my closed caption on, I don't know what da hell they were talmbout!!!!!
    Kobe for best athlete? Shaq should have presented it and performed.
    Why is there so much cussin?!

  14. The official end of BET - June 24,2008 8:26 PM EST.
    Cause of termination:someone gave Neffie and Frankie a mic.

  15. That Jeezy/Kanye song and Kevin Hart/Mel B banter had so much stuff bleeped out, I thought my satellite signal was on the fritz. This is turning into a real gutter affair.

  16. Y'all are in rare form tonight. Keep it coming! I can't suffer alone!!

  17. I'm with you Viv...I don't know how much longer I can do this...

  18. I cannot take ya'll this evening!!! My co-worker asked me as we were leaving if I was going to watch the BET Awards, and I responded that I'd planned on watching "Birth of a Nation" instead, for a more accurate depiction of black people.

  19. yay! keyshia.
    omg...why is she floating in the sky. *smh*.
    nvm. next!

  20. Keyshia sounds hor. ri. ble.
    That is all.

  21. usher really set the precedent for this shit-fest.
    and if keyshia doesn't start singing on the damn note.
    this is too much tonite.

  22. Crackheads should not be on a national show. Man Down. And now Keyshia Cole sounds like a cat on crack....if she was gonna do all that bouncin...she should have played a Ursher..
    How come I can see the plugs from Kim's liposuction....why was john legnd laughing at them?
    *drops the mic*

  23. Hey look! Kelly Ripa joined Key-Key on stage.
    Oh, wait ... it's just Kim. Neva mind.
    Key looks GREAT, though. At least she has that going for her. *shrug*

  24. ROFL @ Lyte in a room with her back to the performance reading from a notebook. Get that check, girl!

  25. OMG!!!! Keylolo sounds a HOT DAMN MESS!
    Wait, this is not a shocker.
    Kim....I'm speechless....I. JUST. CAN'T.
    My mirror just broke on that last note.

  26. Also, I'm in here diligently remove duplicate comments. Ya'll are really passionate about getting your points across!
    Yes, our comment functionality bites lately. We're working on it. 🙂

  27. Cuba Gooding was smoking in the back with Frankie

  28. Even with all of that, the part of the show that got me:
    Hot Note. Hot Verse. Hot Comb.
    Burnt meat isn't as done as I am. I think a rerun of Maude is on TV Land. Peace.

  29. Y'all are in rare form tonight. Keep it coming! I can't suffer alone!!

  30. Word on the street is...Maxwell is in the house...Butta don't move!!! LOL

  31. Watching Ne-yo's performance of "Closer". I want him to bust out in a tube top, knee-highs and daisy dukes like Keyshia Cole did.

  32. If Ne-Yo hits em with the paw-paw I am going to be done.

  33. Is Ne-Yo doing the thing better than Ursh? Wow...I never thought I would see the day...

  34. ne-yo's riverdance choreography is the BEST.
    did yall catch that move. lmao.

  35. If Ne-Yo hits em with the paw-paw I am going to be done.

  36. what didi nelly do to ashanti for her to come out with that stank face. lol

  37. For real doe, Morris looked like he was trying to get it in with Nia backstage. I don't blame him.
    Okay why is Neyo all up on Queen and her girl. They ain't studying his sausage! They are also both way overdressed for the art show by the way.
    Speaking of getting in comes Uncle L.
    *licks lips*

  38. Even with all of that, the part of the show that got me:
    Hot Note. Hot Verse. Hot Comb.
    Burnt meat isn't as done as I am. I think a rerun of Maude is on TV Land. Peace.

  39. what didi nelly do to ashanti for her to come out with that stank face. lol

  40. I must give props to Ashanti for her '87 punk rock chain dress with the easy access front. She must be trying to get on TMZ for more press of the her album. Double cardboard!

  41. BET's sound system is terrible

  42. I was about to say ... SWV is back.Bless their hearts.

    I'm working it out as we speak. Not like there still won't be problems this eveing, but for the future we should be straight.
    Thanks for your patience and double-thanks for clowning BET!

  44. LOL @ Coko being out of breath from climbing the steps. Damn.

  45. SWV and En Vogue? Finally, some credibility!

  46. I was about to say ... SWV is back.Bless their hearts.

  47. OK..I know the camera adds 10lbs but whoa! Alicia's hips are booming! I'm not mad at her. Her cellie is gonna be blowing up after the show. Even Q look like he is trying to get in dem jeans!
    Is it the system or does everyone just sound HORRIBLE?!

  48. Yay at TLC!
    I think I'm tearing up...

  49. T-Boz is still rocking the same hairstyle from the Creep video.BET could'nt give them a wardrobe ?
    EnVouge looks good!

    yessir. the highlight of the night! hands down.

  51. Say what you will about Alicia (and we say a lot here ... lol), but I love how she loves music. And is always ready and willing to give props to those that came before her. That medley was actually alright. *Props*

  52. Viv, now you know they ain't do a sound check -- they just went straight to broadcast.

  53. T-Boz is still rocking the same hairstyle from the Creep video.BET could'nt give them a wardrobe ?
    EnVouge looks good!

  54. If your gut is as big as your butt...and u not pregnant? You probably shouldn't be wearing a spandex dress!

  55. harlem i couldn't have said it better about alicia.

  56. A hip-hop performance called Dot Dot Dot (...) with T-Pain? It's like BET is reading my MIND!

  57. I was feeling the girl groups - but still everyone sounded horrible- Alicia included! Damn BET for messing that up. I know it had to be the sound.
    OMG! Did I just see my baby B Scott in the audience looking like he was fed up with the foolishness?! Or was I seeing things?

  58. You're killin me.. ROTFLMAO

  59. so t-pain actually decided to do the minstrel show we've always knew he was.

  60. The best time to have a BET Awards show was in the 80s and 90s.This is just awful.

  61. so rick ross doesn't have a shirt on...ummm....why?

  62. For T-Pain to be a rapper ternt sanga, he doin' a lot of rapping hooks. Put down the vocoder, son.

    Someone please tell Rick Ross to button his shirt!!!

  64. I was going to say anything Diva. But you right! I wasn't feeling wardrobe AT ALL.
    Joshua, that's what we way Harlem for. He keeps us sensible around here.

  65. You're killin me.. ROTFLMAO

  66. Rick Ross looked like he was ready for a fried bologna sandwich with mustard on the side and a cup of grape kool aid.I think its said that these fools have to lip-synch to simple lyrics.

  67. Ahhh so rick ross forget to put on a t-shirt?

  68. Every time I see Derek Luke, I can't help but thinking, "Who will cry for da liddle boy?"
    And why don't I love Gabrielle Union more than I do? This bothers me.

  69. Doesnt Rick Ross' gut break some sort of FCC Rules?
    This banter is terrible...arent these two actors?
    Viv- What in the world? I'm in my 30's and I wouldnt dare...

  70. Is Sandra Rose behind the camera? Rihanna has shown bout fifty eleven times.
    You can't have Luda, B. He's mine.
    @Harlem- I've seen your list. You don't need Gabby on it. She would stink up the place. You're good.

  71. Did this fool just call Marvin Sapp...Warren Sapp?

  72. Oh YES HE DID!!!!

  73. Bout time they got to the gospel. Only Jesus can save this show.
    Oh Subway is a sponsor? I thought it was Black and Milds, the local carryout, and Colt 45.

  74. *in my best Negrodamus voice*
    Bringing gospel music to this show is like bringing an eyedropper full of water to an out-of-control wildfire. Makes no sense.
    Guess that means we should expect to see
    Rick Ross' belly make a cameo on the next Celebration of Gospel.

  75. YES HE DID...just ignorant.

  76. Did he just call Marvin Sapp Warren Sapp???
    Why isn't MIKE EPPS hosting the show?

  77. They've been calling him Warren Sapp in the radio promos too. I was like "what is he gonna be doing there? Is he going to be on a reality show?"
    I think only Jesus with a Colt 45 and smoking a Black and Mild could save this awards show. Riding in on a chariot wielding a flamethrower.

  78. Did he just call Marvin Sapp,,, Warren Sapp???
    Why isn't MIKE EPPS hosting the show?

  79. lisa lisa has not been missing meals.

  80. lisa lisa done ate cult jam. damn.

  81. Can I get some "No Air?"
    What...I like it...

  82. LOL @ the white guy in the red pimp suit sitting behind Keyshia Cole. His face says "I'm ret' to go", but that suit says "well maybe after a few drinks".

  83. Whew, I'm over here sweating. SEX-Y!
    Ursh, it's over for you. LET.IT.GO. A new sheriff is in town.
    Go 'head Cici! Now SHE looked great.

  84. Wow. Have I told you all about the crush I have on Tocarra? Well, then there ya go.

  85. Toccara looks FAB-U-LOUS!!!!

  86. Kanye makes me weary.
    Karsh, I'm glad you're here 🙂
    @ Harlem - You girl looks nice! Very classy. She should introduce J-Hud to whoever styled her Just TONIGHT though.

  87. Chris Brown is some sweet milk and cookies
    TPain a genius? Now Kanye Pest....I wouldnt go that far....

  88. I saw Al Green in Rochester on Friday night...and I'mma need for him to explain his homosexual backup dancers on stage with him (as well as an $85 ticket for a 45-minute show).

  89. Man, if JL woulda said, "He's grits," ... I'da lost it for sure. hehehe

  90. FINALLLY! the Al Green Tribute.

  91. Uhm DJ Diva did an Al green mixtape recently...
    Just in case anyone was interested LOL
    Alls I know is they better do him justice!

  92. Al Green is hot grits and flesh burns! Sha-la-la-la-la...

  93. Doesn't it seem like John Legend always wears that suit??!

  94. I forget about John Legend. Is that bad?
    He did NOT mention He Who Shall NOT Be Named.
    Nice tribute to Al but it would have been better placed earlier...before my side eye exploded.
    I'm on pins and needles waiting to see if they will mention the grits.

  95. *stirring hot grits and looking for Jilly's drummer/fiance* Grrrrr ...

  96. YAY!!!
    It's Ms. Jill...I'm going to enjoy this little piece of heaven amid this f*ckery...

  97. 1980, I'mma need you to lay offa John Legend's Wash-And-Wear. You know they stopped makin' those, so he's gotta get all the mileage he can out of it. Hehehehe....

  98. I CAN'T BREATHE!!!

  99. Ill Mami betta be snappin' that damn camera of hers, that's all I know. LOL

  100. Maxwell ..... I need a new album by you STAT.

  101. Now I know for SURE that it's the sound because Jill didn't sound that great. And as we know, that just NEVER happens.
    Wait, Anthony sounds (and looks) great....well aside from the stark white kicks.
    OMG! Butta has surely passed out. I'm speechless. Can't be him. OMGGGG!

  102. Guess, us folk on the West Coast don't need to bother watching it now.

  103. I have sooooo many chills from Maxwell right...and my batteries are nowhere around!

  104. YESSIR! maxwell better tell these women to get out their dresses and take off their pumps.
    love me some maxwell.

  105. I want a new album by Maxwell ASANow. Hell, I'll even drop $15 in his PayPal and send him a CD-R first-class with a return envelope.

  106. Be gone then! We're all in a Maxwell-induced stupor. Don't disturb this groove.

  107. LOL @ Berry for not stopping after seeing "live-blogging".
    Still, you should watch it. It'll be like watching a film after reading the book. 🙂

  108. Maxwell was always a little too pretty for me, but he did look good tonight. I can't even front.

  109. AAAH Maxwell. My prayers have been answered. Al Green is the greatest. Finally for the first time tonight (except for Marvin Sapp) real soul music.

  110. Black folks will unite to some Al Green...He should be the hip hop beef mediator!
    I done said yeah so many times I feel like I'm in church

  111. I'm bout to be real ghetto and rewind and record it. I am spent from screaming at the top of my lungs.
    Sannnnnggggg Al!

  112. I think I want Rev Al's backup singers to follow me around for a day and do random things like tell me I need to tie my shoes and sing out the contents of my sandwich.
    I'm just sayin', they sound great. 🙂

  113. I almost feel like having to endure T-Pain, and Keisha being out of breath and sounding terrible, and D.L.'s non funny ass, was worth it to get to this moment...
    I feel at peace...

  114. i can rest now.
    i've seen maxwell
    al green and my 90's girl groups. my night is complete.

  115. Somebody needs to do us all a favor and pull a Jordin Sparks on "Somebodies".
    Yup, no air.

  116. SO MAD my non-cable-having ass missed Maxwell.

  117. Viv got you Nova. Actually it's probably already up on You Tube. LOL!

  118. Rhianna reminds me of that little girl at church that gets to have solo just because her mama is the director of the choir.
    Did'nt they still that giant fan from Janet Jackson's 2000 MTV VMA performance ? ::runs to youtube to watch that instead::


  120. i mean rihanna wasn't awful, but was 'take a bow' really a great performance choice?

  121. I couldn't form a sentence....i was screaming...and groovin...
    he still got it...

  122. @ Viv:
    When you find a youtube link, let me know, because I will post that sucker on this site for my own personal purposes, because I'm the HNIC. lol

  123. Can we have a round of cyber applause for Butta? She has held it down throughout the foolishness and kept us quite entertained. I don't think a post has EVER gotten this many comments...though half of them were from me.
    But more importantly, she managed to type a coherent sentence while Maxwell was on the screen. Ya'll just don't understand...or maybe you do.

  124. Rihanna's voice is definitely an acquired taste. She's aight.

  125. ::applause::
    Yay, Butta!!!

  126. @nova - None up yet. Mine will be up shortly and I'll send it.
    That WAS my love muffin in the audience! I can't wait to hear his report.

  127. ::applause:: Yay, Maxwell!!!
    I mean, YAY BUTTA!!!!

  128. *shudders in horror as she thinks about the Ashanti's "good good."*
    Whoa Nelly!

  129. who invited fergie?

  130. omg this ish is still on.
    this feels like a church revival that has truly gon on WAY to long.

  131. Um..Li - Li, you ain't accepting a Grammy or an Oscar. Saddowwwwn!

  132. alicia and these damn speeches. sweetie you're not maya angelou. i love you, but please stop!

  133. I'mma really need for the BET Awards to get one of those "Wrap it Up" boxes from Chappelle's Show.

  134. Is this foolishness back? This is a shame!

  135. Sadly, he's the midst of all that vodka f*ckery. It is Obama or die. I'd rock one.

  136. LOL @Karsh...
    I have to exit on Lil Weezy...I can't understand him, so I'm off to bed...
    Thanks for the entertaining evening!!

  137. There've been so many highs and lows on this show, I feel sick.
    BET: Where Bi-Polar Happens.

  138. I think some of these people are just happy to be invited to an awards show. ::Ashanti I am talking to you::

  139. Did this sh*t actually go OVER 3 hrs? OMG Butta! You been watching BET since 6 o'clock!! We need to get you into detox STAT! I'm surprised you ain't frothing at the mouth by now!!

  140. And it's over....I'm sure the after show will be just a bad... Sorry I'm late to the party...

  141. yea yall i am all bet'd-out.
    good night.
    it been fun!

  142. Watching this much BET must be like OD-ing on pork and salt. That's why us Blacks are dropping like flies!

  143. :Waving smelling salts under Butta's nose:

  144. I'm through! I am selling my iPods and cd's and cracking open my stacks of vinyl and dusting off my old Toshiba phonograph. If you hear "Purple Rain", bumping it's me, cuz this "new" stuff is complete isht. BET Killed Black Music!!!!!!

  145. You took the words right out of my mouth..on almost everything...I enjoyed Rihana..For a pop girl...She has a cute voice..

  146. I damn near piss on myself reading this...TOOO FUNNY!!!!

  147. The bet awards was a car wreck, it did not matter how hard I tried I could stop looking at it.

  148. Y'all showed up and showed out tonight! Thanks for rolling with a sista through this never-ending BET Awards live-blog. I only made it through by y'all keeping me going, the grace of God and Maxwell. Y'all really don't understand how I screamed like a banshee over here when he came on the screen. That was incredible and made this all worth it.
    Love y'all like play cousins!

  149. Great moment to moment coverage. I only saw the middle of the show. Just in time to see Maxwell. (school girl crush sigh) Glad I missed the first half, the last half, and all the faces, and bodies apparently, only a mother could love.

  150. Maxwell came on! Must catch video online.
    and the sound was a hot mess.

  151. I really liked the BET Awards this year. The first good performance was NE-YO...he stopped the song and went back into it. I love T Pain (YES I said it!) he's creative, even with that whole top hat style he's trying to do. Alicia Keys was great, even though only En Vogue sounded good. And I can't forget Chris Brown...Al Green tribute was on point, Maxwell lookin good and what not. Usher was overrated and Keyshia seems like she just can't perform live to save her life. Till next year...

  152. Your commentary slays me and understand I felt the same around 10:08.
    MAXWELL, where you been baby? LOLOL

  153. Did you hear maxwell, tell ME to take off my dress? It's off and I'm waiting. This thread was hilarious!!! I enjoyed what most of you all did about the show. The funky divas looked and sounded good, take note SWV. Tboz sound like she always did to me deep and raspy. Al Green made me feel like I was in the midst of a black family reunion, loved it!

  154. Girl, your comments tickle me to no end. Sorry I couldn't watch with you. My couch decided to hold me hostage as i watched. I missed the beginning of the show but after reading your comments i'll have to watch it again. I know... Maxwell made me moist, too!

  155. I wasnt home & received an urgen call from my daughter screaming...'Mommy you are missing MAXWELL' When I got to work today I watched that video on BET online 20 times. When he said "Can I get some love BET?" His body language alone made me want to jump inside the damn computer. I LOVE THAT MAN!!!!!!

  156. wow that was a little harse, ya have to admit the Bet awards was alot better then previous years

  157. Funniest review I've read yet. I was almost on the floor with "Sahdown!"
    When Maxwell said "Keep on the pumps" I was through!