He Turned an Icon Into a ‘Bust It Baby’

dupri.jpgOh snap! The claws are really coming out in Hip Hop right about now. Recently, Jermaine Dupri did a series of videos over at The Most Access bemoaning the state of the music game with an astounding lack of irony. The one that drew the most ire was the one in which he declared that the DJ is dead, because the DJ, instead of supporting and co-signing the artist, wants to be an artist himself. This pissed people off. Greg Street and Kay Slay have both responded and yanked JD's card. A common sentiment between the two of them was that he's in large part responsible for lowering the stock of Janet Jackson.

Greg Street, specifically, calls him out for putting Khia on a Janet record, and Janet on a Plies record. "You turned an icon into a 'Bust It Baby'!" he says. Janet fans came out in force earlier this week on SB, and many had a similar assertion. Two years ago, I wrote an op-ed for VIBE Online entitled "The Ghetto-ization of Damita Jo", which more or less points out the same thing. He's made her common, and while that may work for some artists, it just doesn't cut it for Penny. The whispers are no longer whispers at this point. Even figures in Hip Hop, who we'd imagine could care less about a Pop icon, agree with the fans. That's very telling.

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  1. Very valid points. I love Janet and always will because she's always been a leader. However, I have tuned her out since she started working w/JD. I have complete contempt for him and have never liked him or his music.

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    Ok Nova thanks for making me spill my coffe while I rocked with laughter at the pic. LOL Greg Street summed it up with the comment about Plies and Why WAS Khia on Janets record? I havent heard the remix yet. If you have it can you post it if its not allready? Tks

  3. When is Janet gonna take responsibility for her decisions? Why is it JD's fault? I mean Janet the so called icon has to have some say when peeps say ooh let's put Khia on a record or oooh you should do the "Bust It Baby" remix.
    Madonna woulda been like "Hell to the nizzah." Why is no one blaming Janet?
    Just asking.

  4. Maybe Janet is d!ckmatized? I shudder at the thought, but perhaps that would explain how she has managed to let these things happen to her career at JD's hands?

  5. WW4P: Your blithe subjectivity knows no bounds, my friend. Bust this:,2933,330533,00.html
    So while she hasn't taken responsibility for the outcome of this album, specifically, there was never a time when she hasn't acknowledged her faults with recent work. And, there are plenty of people, fans included, that are blaming Janet. Not in total. No one deserves total blame. It's all about synergy between artist, label, production, and public climate. The synergy ain't there. But I totally understand the base compulsion to call Janet out. It's the cool thing to do nowadays.
    Plus, this item is about how others OUTSIDE of the fans and the Pop landscape are noticing that something's amiss with JD's handling of her music. Direct your ire towards them, since, clearly, they are mistaken. At least from your side of the fence.

  6. Maybe it's time to separate business from pleasure. I personally love Discipline, but the majority can't be that wrong. I'll admit even that rico suave dude knew to stay in the back, but Janet is going to do Janet. She has made a career of going left-field, some people for get that.

  7. Thanks nOva!
    I will say this... I think a lot of it has to do with JD's timing. I think what he offers Janet's career-- aside from incestuous misjudgment at times-- are some things that would have been better served years ago when WE weren't so hard on Janet.
    I think had JD's influence come along a few years earlier, some of the decisions being made around her projects today might be easier to digest.
    *and who knows... maybe he calls Janet Wet Wet, cause she messes up all the bed sets. LOL!

  8. When I first heard Bust It Baby and they used Janet sample.I just bowed out because I'm like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.Like someone said earlier, Janet's best work was without JD

  9. Yep, Jermaine and Janet just don't have chemistry in the studio, period. And when she worked with him her brand definitely dropped a few notches. I mean really, that song she did with Nelly (never thought I'd forget the title of a Janet record) was pretty much the beginning of the end of her pop reign. Nelly on a Janet song?? All wrong! I still can't believe to this day she put that out as a single. It was a total turn off and I don't think she's lived it down, among other things.