Jenny Hud Speaks About Living in the Spotlight

Entertainment Tonight recently caught up with Jennifer Hudson on the set of her new video for the track "Spotlight," the first single from her upcoming album. I love me some Jenny, and the clip below displays her candidness about, well, living in the spotlight, the need for eye candy equality, and her fondness for Oscar. With so many projects on the way--including two more movies due this year, it's good to see her not jaded in the least, still able to answer questions open and honestly. Here's hoping that she stays grounded in the midst of all of this well-deserved success, and that the album turns out to be as refreshing as she is.



1 Response

  1. i remember seeing this video. Jennifer Hudson is a beautiful black woman Very smart and intelligent woman. It was funny where you said, "not wanting it to appear like she is about to eat the man." LOL.


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