Jermaine Dupri Has Been Reading SoulBounce, Mocks Our Sensibilities

That Jermaine Dupri is quite a character. The diminutive producer who once claimed "Money Ain't a Thang" alongside Jay-Z says that money is one of the things that's killing music. Well gee, you could've knocked me over with a Steve Arrington sample! "Money" is item #22 on our much debated and hated "25 Things That Killed Urban Music" listicle (40 comments and counting). In the following clip, courtesy of The Most Access, JD opines: "Money has f----- this industry up because everybody's concerned about making money so n----- ain't even willing to do the freshest thing that come to their mind no more." The jokes write themselves, people.

Stay tuned to The Most Access for more of JD's pellets of wisdom.


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    Agreed. I respect what he's done in the industry. But JD should be the last one to talk about money ruining anythig he shoud speak about how he ruined Janets last album. Or how he has'nt produced a song without a ghost producer since "Jump". This coming from the man that brought the world "Snap Music". I remember that one stretch were he used the same Kick, Snr, Shake and Hi Hat on every track he produced for like 4 years strait. Listen to "Money aint a thing", The Dru Hill "Sleeping in my bed remix", "The Jagged Edge "Lets get married remix". Redux.


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