Join Us As We Bemoan the R. Kelly Verdict!

goldenshowerkelly.jpgLet me tell you something, R. Kelly has been on our SH*TLIST for a hot minute here at SoulBounce. One, because he considers being wack a goal, and two, I wouldn't trust him with a goldfish let alone my daughter. With that said, imagine the collective disgust that shot throughout SBHQ when the "not guilty" verdict was revealed last week. Celebrity justice at it's finest, people! According to numerous reports, the jurors concluded that it was indeed Kelly in the video, but had some reservations about the identity of the young lady.

I have a theory: if the trial had started on time, and that girl hadn't been able to become a grandmother in the interim, they'd have no problem putting two and two together! Add to that the fact that Kelly claimed it was his brother in the video many moons ago and you have want amounts to some serious hellbound dishonesty on everyone's part. Now the "R" is free to create more ghettorific, chicken 'n watermelon, gutterbutt freak records that sound just as reprehensible and lazy as the one before it with immunity. Thanks, jury! Now all of you go jump in a lake of pee.

Video evidence that R pulled the proverbial trigger after the bounce.

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  1. As a Chicago native, I can honestly say alot of us hate that child molesting, 45 year old, braid wearing, mid life crisis having bastard. The funny thing is life has a way of biting you in the ass and for a dude to be messing with little girls when he himself is a father of two young girls............Me personally I will never support anything this cat puts out in the future.....Burn in hell Robert Kelly.

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    I think the prosecution did a great job judging from the play by play I read over at MTV.COM.. I dont know what was wrong with these people. Kelly pissed on a little girls face and got away with it.

  3. I too was disappointed w| the verdict, but I totally understand the jurors reasoning. They had doubts about the identity of the girl in the video, the "alleged" victim said she wasn't in the video, half of her family and friends say she was in the video while the other half say she wasn' can't believe 1 group over the other.....this is a case that should have been tried a long time ago...r. kelly shall get caught slippin' again.

  4. I've always said that the law for celebrities and the law for the average Joe are 2 entirely separate. This amounts to nothing more than a travesty of justice. Not only in the court of public opinion, but in the minds (and I'm sure hearts of those jurors), he was guilty! Sadly our people (some) will still support his wackness, cranking out those same 5 songs over and over (listen to his stuff, he only has a 5 song repertoire). Sad.

  5. I have said many times before...RKelly has some kind of pact with the devil because NO ONE is as lucky as he's been legally. Personally, I stopped buying his stuff with 12Play and REFUSE to listen to the songs because they are too frikkin catchy. No tellin' what nonsense he's subliminally whispering to me under that whiny falsetto. BAH!

  6. Dave Chapelle is truly CRAZY!!!!


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