La Toya & Jackie Confirm Forthcoming Jacksons Things

latoya-jackie-extra.jpgLa Toya can be counted among the most trusted Jacksons, so when she talks I listen, obviously. She and brother Jackie recently appeared on Extra, fueling yet more rumors of a Jackson family reunion in the form of a show or album project. The ever plucky Tanika Ray wondered if they would do a show in Vegas, and while LaToya asserted Vegas wasn't part of the plan, Jackie more or less confirmed the family was "in the studio", whatever that means. LaToya pointed out that Janet would also be involved in this mysterious project. Is it just me, or is it true that every time lesser Jacksons (I went there) wax about what the family is working on, it's always in direct conflict to the things we know to be true? As in, Janet's "Rock With You" tour and Michael's new album? We don't believe you, you need more Jacksons! [EXTRA]

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  1. As a Jackson famlily fan, I hope it ALL comes to pass: a new MJ Cd, Janet's tour and something special from the entire family (grandkids included) to be televised from Vegas...


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