Michael Jackson Gets Stage Fright?

mj.jpgAfter playing executive producer for his next project, we here at SBHQ are pleased to finally hear some news about the real Michael Jackson. However, the news isn't about MJ and his new musical endeavors being released soon, but it's rather about more of Michael's unexplainable antics. The King of Pop reportedly caught a bad case of stage fright when he was invited to perform during the American Idol finale. It may take a while for most you to grasp the idea of Michael Jackson having being scared to sing in front of a bunch of wannabes, so take the time out to gather your thoughts. We hope this allegation isn't true since many of his fans will be dishing out major bucks to see him and his siblings perform on that rumored tour. Where's Joe Jackson when you need him? [AHH]

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    That's a strange one. I think it may have more to do with his appearance. Mijac is looking kinnda scary these days. Live TV combined with perspiration can be brutal on him if his make up and wig aren't right. He seems to like more controlled situations like videos and magazine photo shoots. (He actually looked nice in the most recent Ebony shoot, although we know those images were heavily altered) But he does award show appearances over seas all the time so..who knows.

  2. Pitiful, shameful. One of the all time greatest has been reduced to a joke..... This isnt the Micheal Jackson I grew up on...........

  3. he never look scary. You are stupid.


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