Morning Soul: Burn, Baby, Burn!

  • Amerie is now down with Def Jam. Stay tuned to find out if that is a blessing or a curse. [HH]
  • Is Ne-Yo crushing on Alicia Keys? [OE]
  • Solange has Bilal, Marsha Ambrosius and Q-Tip guesting on her new album, and it's going after the "intellectual, backpacking, coffee shop, digital kid." [TRU]
  • R. Kelly's fate is now in the jury's hands [E!]
  • Part Macarena, part something Elephant Man would do, could the UK's Rolex Sweep be the new US dance craze? [TCS]

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4 Responses

  1. Really Solange? But why am i curious and sideyeing at the same time? Is this really her? Or did somebody decide it was time for her to carry her own weight around Camp Knowles? We know how Matthew likes market segments, ie "intellectual, backpacking, coffee shop, digital kid." But she got Bilal on a cd and I like "I decided".

  2. Daddy Knowles must be paying with red tops. Otherwise there is no earthly reason for this travesty to have occured.

  3. that Solange description gave my side eye a cataract.