New Documentary Explores Untimely Death of Jam Master Jay

Last night at the annual Hollywood Black Film Festival, 2 Turntables And A Microphone kicked off the four-day event with its debut. While there had been some speculation about a theatrical release chronicling Jason "Jam Master Jay" Mizell's rise to fame as DJ for RUN-DMC and unfortunate death in a Queens recording studio, 2 Turntables is actually the first cinematic release to deal with this topic so far. The movie's trailer (below) seems to focus more on today's hip hop artists and Jay's influence on them today, so I'm not quite sure if watching Jay-Z and Method Man recollect their memories of Jam Master Jay will include "information that could finally help police solve the murder that shook the music world to its core" as the filmmaker's claim. Hopefully, this film will help to raise further public awareness about the brutal death of one of hip hop's pioneers.


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