One Question, One Answer: Who’s the Dopest MC Out Right Now, PERIOD?

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  1. 3 Stax... PERIOD!!

  2. Whoo!! That was harder than I thought. It was like choosing your favorite child. But alas, I went with the MC I been down with the longest, or the oldest child. You know the one that is "always misbehavin & mischivous". That's right Busta, I been down with him since "Case of the PTA" of course "Scenario" and I love him still. Q-tip was close but honestly I always liked Phife more.

  3. Dang! Being forced to choose one, I'd have to go with Mos...

  4. I had to go with 'Riq Geez, aka Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought.
    but I can't see the results.

  5. What Styleezy said.
    After seeing BT rip the mic to shreds alongside Big Daddy Kane last year, I was turned out. I was late. I know.
    2nd runner up....Jigga....Reasonable Doubt Jigga that is.
    You're mean nOva! I wanted to go back and look at it again to make sure I hadn't overlooked anyone when choosing my 2nd runner up and it wouldn't let me! I know - to prevent sneaky people like me from trying to rock the vote twice. Hehehe!

  6. That was an unreasonably tough poll.
    I went with Ghostface but I based my choice more off the same criteria those buffoons at "That Place That Used to Play Music Videos" but on a 3 year scale instead of just 1.
    Busta was a second runner up but I really downgrade him for his R&B work as he isn't flow flexible. I can't remember if Jadakiss was on there but he does need to be included - if for no other reason than threatening to hit Puffy/Puff Daddy/etc etc with a refrigerator from a tall building. LMAO.. bodyguards can't stop that indeed.

  7. i didn't check the list but this post highly peaks my interest because the truth is, the dopest mc out right now is the one not known. sad but true. to back my statement up i'd like to take a line from one of my favorite underground artists. "this is for the illest mc's that'll never be known". the industry, underground & mainstream is in a sad state and too many true talented artists are getting little to no recognition and perhaps never will. peace.

  8. @TiP: It was indeed harder then i thought it would be!!! I went for Black Thought in the end. I like Blu, but its too early for him to be in such a list!

  9. @TiP: It was indeed harder then i thought it would be!!! I went for Black Thought in the end. I like Blu, but its too early to pick him as a nr.1 (O_o)


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