Prince Purple Rains On Radiohead

prince.jpgEveryone knows that Prince can be a little diva at times. But now, the former slave of Warner Brothers has taken it to another level. Your purple highness has not only blocked his fans from watching the low-quality videos of his performance at Coachella on YouTube, but also the songwriters of the song he covers from watching it, too. Prince covered Radiohead's "Creep" during the music festival a few weeks ago and his web goons were quick to snatch the clips offline claiming copyright infringement when he doesn't even own the copyright! So, how does Radiohead feel about Prince stopping them and anyone else from hearing their song? "[It's] hilarious." No, what's hilarious is how the clip was replaced with birds grooming each other. We guess doves really do cry. [PM]

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    Prince is smart. While all of these people release mix tape after mix tape giving away their music for free and allow their songs to be leaked, by unscrupulous audio engineers. He's actually attaching a value to his music and what he does. On the Radio Head thing.. he probably copyrighted his name and likeness and pulled it using those grounds.
    He is the leader in using the internet, and selling record on his own. He just wants it done on his terms. I'm sure he's making a ton of money even though his records sales aren't what they once were.

  2. As someone who has felt the wrath of Prince by having my entire YouTube channel shut down because I posted vids of artists doing covers of his songs, his shortness and his web Nazis can get the bozack. I love Prince but I have no love whatsoever for his online policies. Control is one thing but alienating your fans in the process is another. This whole Radiohead thing is priceless and just goes to show that he's taken himself too seriously and this web madness too far.

  3. I agree w/ Butta. This is a new age for the music industry. If your music isn't accessible, you're going to loose fans. It gives bootleggers more of a reason to bootleg.

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    Butta I agree that removing videos of people covering your songs is extreme..and quite "Diva-ish" But If some corporation (Google for example -> who of course owns Youtube) came and ripped off Soul Bounce, set up a website that looks exactly like it, everything down to the banner at the top of the page to the style of writing and called it a "Soul Bounce Tribute" or Soul Bounce as envisioned by Google" you and the others who put blood sweat and tears into this site MAY take offense and ask that the site be removed. You also have to wonder just how much Prince himself has to do with the day to day operations of his "internet police". Most of these eccentric artists have yes men around them 24-7 and may not be so deeply involved in every decisions that are made on their behalf by the people who they pay to look out for their interests. And I don't agree that Prince is loosing fans by not allowing his copyrighted works to be used on Youtube. He's more respected and popular now than at any time during the last 10 years and his shows are constantly sold out. If your "fan" wont plunk down $9.99 to pay for the album you put out can you call them a fan? When a song is used in a commercial, played on the radio or aired on Network TV the artist is paid. Why should the internet be any different? We all know thats not case but I cant knock the man for trying... No bickering just my opinion. I appreciate your posts and the music you highlight daily.


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