Raphael Saadiq Loves That Girl


Raphael Saadiq, I must say, was "neo-soul" way before that term was even coined in the late '90's. Not only has this brother gone retro while still with former band Tony! Toni! Toné!, but his debut solo album was titled Instant Vintage. Once we got word that Raphael was going to be doing it '60s style on his forthcoming album, we were pretty hyped. That being said, check out his new track from his forthcoming album. It's certainly a nice appetizer to what will likely be a pretty sweet album from a neo-soul legend.
Raphael Saadiq: "Love That Girl"

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  1. Refreshingly decent and wholesome, I will cop it with it drops.

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    Oh wow.. I'd love to see how he reordered and mixed this album. He REALLY captured the SOUND of that era. I don't think I've heard any other contemporary music that so accurately captures the recording and mixing techniques of the 60's like this. everything from the panning of the Piano and Tambourine, the sound of the strings and the Chamber reverb on his lead. **Automatic purchase**

  3. this sounds like a song written by Smokey that Raphael stole from the vaults of Motown.
    Saadiq does a great job of capturing that 60's/70's soul sound.

  4. OMG that song is awesome! It sounds like it came from a Classic Temptations LP circa 1968.Simply marvelous!
    Please keep us informed on this CD. Gotta get it the DAY it drops.
    Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Ohh I love it love it love it! What a master he is! This one is clearly going to be in constant rotation, if the rest of the project is anything like this. Bravo!

  6. It doesn't get much old school than that. A traste of Motown, eat your heart out Barry-You see you're not the only one that can put out great music.


  8. DAMN Raphael we need a release date brother..I like both are always up on your game and I have all of your albums and even the ones you produced...handle it sexy!
    Now that's real music...
    Can not wait for this album....

  9. Wow, just when you think he can do anything better than the previous projects, he creates another jaw dropping set of tracks that no one else has even considered. It's amazing. Sadiq is truely a musical genious. Those of us who appreciates Sadiq's style and creativity will be anxiously waiting on this CD. It's been too long. Thank God for your gift bro. Any idea when we might can expect the CD?

  10. love it! love it! love it! can't wait to buy the album.