Sérgio Mendes + Ledisi x DJ Spinna = Soulful House Heaven

sergio_mendes_ledisi_dj_spinna.JPGWith the temperatures heating up outside, it's not as if we need anything else to make us sweat. But Sérgio Mendes and Ledisi clearly want our antiperspirants to work overtime with this DJ Spinna remix of their song "Waters of March." Brazilian superstar Mendes enlisted soul sanger Ledisi for the remake of the Antonio Carlos Jobim classic on his newly released album, Encanto. Led's album version is cool, but in Spinna's clutches, this song is taken to a funky higher level with more percussion, keys and synthesizers. It's great to hear Ledisi on another soulful house track after she lent her vocals to Miguel Migs and Petalpusher's "Breakin' It Down" a few years back. Just like that song, this is another tune perfect for dancing the long summer days away.

Sérgio Mendes feat. Ledisi: "Waters of March" (DJ Spinna Vocal Mix)

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  2. i think the summer can officially start now. damn, that was good...

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    Yea that was nice brought a smile to my face, nice arrangement, nice lyrics. Great Mix, feel good music.

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    My fav song from Serio is still without a doubt "Never gonna let you go" One of the cool ballads of the 80's

  5. Spinna can do no wrong in my book. This is all one big ole "perfect combination

  6. Love it! It makes me smile and that's always a good thing.

  7. That was like two of my fav things together..Chocolate n Peanut butter.. A Reese's peanut butter Cup.. LOVE THEM BOTH!!

  8. Love Sergio Mendes.When I come to SB, memory lane just starts.Love the summery feel to it.Love Ledisi voice on this.

  9. Love Sergio Mendes! His last album featuring collabs with Black Eyed Peas and Stevie Wonder was pure sickness! And in my eyes, vocally, Led CAN NEVER DO NO WRONG!!! Oh yeah, Butta, Miguel Migs and Petalpusher are one in the same person... it's his DJ alter ego.

  10. I love this song!!! I love Ledisi and Sergio Mendes is the best!! Can someone tell me if they have this and the original on itunes? If not, where else can i find it?


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