Which Girl Group Do You Want To Spend ‘All Night Long’ With?

This week it's an all-female rumble in the soul jungle to see which girl group comes out on top. Sorry, fellas, there's no mud or Jello involved. This virtual Battle of the Beats pits those '80s fantasy ladies, The Mary Jane Girls, up against the '90s around the way chicks, SWV with their songs entitled "All Night Long." These groups are about as different as night and day, but the music has a central theme: loving your man all night long. Can I get a soul clap?

The Mary Jane Girls were the love children of Rick James and weed. Group members Joanne "Jojo" McDuffie, Candice "Candi" Ghant, Kim "Maxi" Wuletich, and Ann "Cheri" Bailey all played dress up in outfits to match their sexed-up personas. They released "All Night Long" in 1983 and the ode to rooftop loving became a hit and will still fill the dance floor during an old school set. Quite frankly, if this song doesn't make you move, then you really need to check yourself into a funeral home.

When SWV popped up on the scene, they were a little rough around the edges. I remember back in the day a comedian on Def Comedy Jam once said they looked like Jodeci in drag. Ouch! Despite the trio not being glamour girls, Cheryl "Coko" Gamble, Tamara "Taj" Johnson and Leanne "Lelee" Lyons truly were Sisters With Voices. And by the time their cut "All Night Long" landed on the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, these young ladies stepped their style game up and were polished to perfection. And the song? It was as sexy as a kiss upon the collarbone.

So what's it gonna be, folks? The flirtatious dance floor classic or the soothing slow jam?

I have an idea how of this is gonna go down, so I'd like to apologize in advance for the mollywhopping SWV is about to receive in the comments section. Thanks.

Mary Jane Girls: "All Night Long"

SWV: "All Night Long"

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    Damn !! I love SWV, Babyface killed this song.. Gotta go with MJG due to the classic nature. But SWV is great and CoCo had a very original voice.

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    The pop singer JoJo sounds like CoCo, was she involved with her at all ?

  3. Actually, no mollywhopping here. I LOVE both songs. Every single song that came off that soundtrack was fire.
    But I gotta go with the classic MJG on this one. They were the first to kill it and you always gotta give props to that.

  4. I can't choose. I love them both!

  5. I love the MJB... I mean MJG song! I like SWV and all and their song is real chill, but the Mary Jane Girls were really grooving on this one....

  6. I wanted to vote for SWV, I really did, but how can I not vote for the Mary Jane Girls' rendition? That song still moves a party!

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    Actually ..I love them both and all the female groups before them...But I am truly about artistry...Some of the kids here are not knowledgeable or old enough to remember what girl groups like THE EMOTIONS,THE THREE DEGREEs,THE LOVE UNLIMITED,put on the world with their sound,looks and artistry...These ladies could truly perform and sing to perfection...They set the tone for all of the ladies that are today....I loved The Mary Jane Girls and I truly loved SWV..Glamour is a major part of our industry,but talent and masterful artistry is commodity...Todays groups are manufactured and marketed....Automation has made today's artist lazy... We live in a point and click world...There is nothing wrong with creating something from nothing,accept in an automated world ,someone else made it easy for you and you didn't from your own brain with training,skill and knowledge anything is possible, In saying this singer, songwriter and producer...You can create a song with a bongo and your imagination..these are GOD's gifts...I know some of you folks will not agree with what I am saying...But this is just my spin....WE MUST RESPECT ALL WHO CAME BEFORE US....MAY GOD BLESS....FREDDY COLLAZZ

  8. I remember the SWV record it was from the Waiting to Exhale sound track it's a Babyface record...That was a great soundtrack and "All Night Long" and "Kissing You" by Faith Evans were my two favorite songs on the soundtrack...But I got to go with the classic here....MJG....They only had like two hit records and this is the best of the for SWV they've got classics.

  9. If I were voting for my favorite group or who had the better catalogue it would be SWV hands down but between the songs, sorry I;ll have to go w/ the MJG version

  10. Mary Jane Girls all the way! Love this song. I knew I was missing something on my IPOD, going to add it now.

  11. No contest. Mary Jane Girls. That's a true classic.
    I can remember how it felt to be dancing to that...

  12. Aight, now it's time to 'date' myself. Listening to All Night Long on hot steamy New Orleans nights in High School, lol. S.W. -WHO? Not to take anything away from them, but check the harmony on The Mary Janes girls (and the Emotions AND the Jones Girls AND En Vogue - the last girls group to really, REALLY harmonize).

  13. I know im a couple days late...but do to the fact that I'm a 80s baby Im gonna rock out with offense to the MJ Girls its timeless to those who danced at the prom to it...but its not a classic sound that can easily cross over to younger generations


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