Who Clarified Jigga’s ‘Moment’ the Best? 9th Wonder or Just Blaze?

9th-jigaa-just.jpgIf you're anything like me, you've amassed more than a king's ransom in unofficial Blueprint, Black Album and American Gangster remix projects. Sometimes, you get lucky and land on something golden, like Von Pea's American Angster, MidiMarc's Newprint, or the S. Carter Mixtape. For today's Battle of the Remixes, I've decided to pit Jay-Z's "Moment of Clarity" against Jay-Z's "Moment of Clarity," but with two distinct executions. In one corner we have Just Blaze, who's responsible for some of Jigga's biggest-sounding records ("U Don't Know," "Show Me What You Got") and former third of Little Brother, 9th Wonder, who blessed Jay-Z's "Threats." One has more of a big band style while the other is considerably more soulful and laid back. Which do you prefer?

Jay-Z: "Moment of Clarity" (Just Blaze Remix) (from the S. Carter Mixtape)

Jay-Z: "Moment of Clarity" (9th Wonder Remix) (from Black is Back!)

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14 Responses

  1. Avatar this even a competition . Just Blaze = Real producer
    9th Wonder = Good crate digger..
    9th's remix is more soulful though

  2. Just Blaze murks 9th on this. No Question.......

  3. tough call...i'm giving the edge to 9th. he always brings out the soulfulness.
    just for the record, both are light years ahead of the eminem produced original....em should stick to rapping.

  4. Avatar

    Eminem's actually made some pretty dope beats over the years. He's much better than a lot of full time producers...and I'm noooo Eminem stan

  5. I pick Justin's version. It's off the hook always got me bopping my head.
    Anyone checked out this producer dude that remixed Jay's recent album? He got some crazy work put on his site
    You may wanna feature him some day, tha brotha making moves.

  6. I like 9th wonder's better, Just Blaze made my head hurt it was too noisy.

  7. 9th is by far the best producer of REAL hip hop music, now if you wanna superman dat hoe.........the yeah you wouldnt really get into 9th. Little Brother get back with 9th, your last album was trash.

  8. Getback was the strongest, end-to-end dope release of Little Brother's career. Dare I say it may be better than The Listening..
    Although 9th has his moments, Just Blaze has way more range and depth. I'm not too keen on either of these remixes though. I might give the edge to Just on this pair because the drums are big and the horns remind me of Diamond D. I just wish both remixes had some change-ups. The main bits just loop all the way through.

  9. Avatar

    Agree with Stylus: I really enjoyed the albums he did with MURS, that was dope. And 9th has some joints and can pick a good sample. But he has no range. Plus his tracks always sound enemic and small, like he's anti mixing and mastering. 9th did'nt have much sucess outside of Lil brother either, he did a lot of production but had no hits. Then he said Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive (I'm a fan but this is too much.)
    -> 9th Wonder: I know, but he’s clever. He has incredible flow. His voice is dope, and he makes you laugh. So until Jay comes back, he’s the best rapper alive. I’m on his side. I’m not a fan of the “Fireman” and “Go DJ” [from DJ Khaled's album]; I’m just a fan of his style.
    9th took an L on this but both of these tracks are not the best

  10. I gotta go with Just on this one...9th's beat is hot but...Just's matches Jay's vocal and the content of the song alot better. And plus Jay + Just Blaze is classic anyway.

  11. Love 9th but the Blaze is a banger-very Jiggaish

  12. I really like this analysis this BOB brought out.
    However, even if I wasn't a HUGE 9th fan, he would get this hands down. I'm not for all that loud, rowdy ish for this song. To me, it needs a nice, laid back flow to it.

  13. Sorry 9th you took an "L" on this one...


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