With Raphael Saadiq & Stevie Wonder On This Track, We ‘Like It’ Too

raphael_saadiq_b&w.jpgA couple of days ago when we posted the first release from Raphael Saadiq's forthcoming as-of-yet-untitled album, the general consensus in the comments was that Raphael had gotten the '60s sound just right. With this new track, "Like It," featuring Stevie Wonder on harmonica and a Ray Parker, Jr.-sounding singer starting off the first verse, Raphael has gotten it right yet again. Chances are that if you liked the last one, you'll like this one, too. Consider this a way to start your weekend off right.

Raphael Saadiq: "Like It"

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13 Responses

  1. Yep you right, I am digging this joint, cant wait ont he LP to drop.

  2. That song had more fire than my Bar B-Q. I hope its not as short as the first spin it should be at least 4 and a half min..

  3. “Was that Stevie I heard on harmonica?” one guest asked.
    Indeed it was. The collective giddiness was hard to hide and even Saadiq was still floored by the collaboration.
    “I’m still not used to having Stevie as a friend.”
    After 20-year old singer C.J., who is one of the few guests to appear on the album, brought Saadiq the track, he threw an introduction for Mr. Wonder’s harmonica solo on his verse, though Saadiq wasn’t even sure they’d be able to get him on the phone. Thankfully for us, things worked out and the combination of these old souls is magical.
    **Taken from
    SO... Maybe this is the other vocalists name...? C.J? This joint is beautiful!!!!

  4. Love It!! That was amazing...The whole thing just had a great organic sound to it. The vocal stylings sounded so relaxed and natural. Alot of these new so-called artists try soooo hard to sound retro, to re-create what has already been created...they try to paint a new picture over the old. That's like throwing Andy Warhol over a Van Gogh....crazy. And that's exactly how some of this music sounds....crazy. Instead, people need to do it like this....simply be a currator of sound, and restore the aesthetic touches where it's needed most. A dab of sound there, a touch of Stevie here...a little bit of Marvin there...and just breeze. Good Job Raphael...I'll be looking for this album to drop.

  5. Oohwee, that's HOTT! Is that Dwayne singing the 1st verse or really Ray Parker Jr.?? Lawd a mercy, it's FIYAH!! I will be buying this CD immediately when it comes out.

  6. Now this is what i call REAL music........... gave me goose pimples listening to it....... Cant NOBODY do it like the brothers can.

  7. This song makes me feel GOOD. Thanks for spinning this Mami. I need the entire album like yesterday. Seriously. I love me some Ray Ray.

  8. water always finds it's level.

  9. This man is making me so proud to be from "tha town". FINALLY some music with substance. It's been a long time. I just sent out a huge mass text to everybody I know, telling them to get her ASAP lol

  10. OMG...This is such a smooth groove. LOVE me some RS. He is the most underrated singer.songwriter/producer. Can't wait to get my I-POD Touch and download his whole album. Keep on finding the gems, SoulBounce.



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