#25: Guy ‘Groove Me’

guy_guy.jpgSomebody out there may disagree with the following statement, but I'm going to say it anyway: "Groove Me" changed the direction of music when it was released in 1988, a year heralded by many as the best year for music of that decade. Yes, this is a bold statement, and I'll explain why. Firstly, prior to "Groove Me" being released upon an unsuspecting public, R&B was following formulas that had been established by artists such as Rick James, Prince and Stevie Wonder who themselves had altered soul music and ultimately pop music into a form that the public greedily consumed. Case in point: After Purple Rain, came Ready For The World. The interesting thing about "Groove Me" is not that Teddy Riley, as producer, chose to reinvent the wheel. Instead, he chose to simply fuse the R&B sound that we were loving all along with some '80s-era hip hop stylings that we loved just as much, and put Aaron Hall's demanding voice on top of it. Consider this: if it weren't for "Groove Me" and Teddy Riley, there would be no Keith Sweat, no New Jack Swing, no progression to what was known as "hip hop soul" in the '90s, no Mary J. Blige, no Jodeci, and so on. Consider this as well: when Guy's self-titled album dropped, it ultimately went on to sell nearly three million albums. That meant that not only did your mother groove to it, but also your teacher, pastor and anyone else who owned a radio. Also consider this last fact, this marks Guy's second appearance on this countdown with both appearances ranking in the top 30. From the same album. We may all be a little older, but you know that save for a couple of songs, Guy's debut album is still one of the best that you've ever heard from start to finish. It was no coincidence that "Groove Me" was chosen to be this album's debut single. It still rocks to this day. 

Guy: "Groove Me"

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  1. ill Mami,
    I agree with just about everything you said, but I have a couple nits to pick: while I love "Groove Me," I like "I Like" better. And if I'm not mistaken, "I Want Her" by Keith Sweat (though produced by Teddy Riley) came out before "Groove Me", though I guess your argument is basically on point.
    Great site and love the countdown.

  2. Didn't Teddy usher in the "New Jack" era? Isn't that the style of music for groups like Guy and Jodeci? This album? Awesome. Classic songs. They bring back so many memories!

  3. How could I not agree with you?
    The New Jack Swing Era hit everybody hard in Harlem back in the 80's. If you didn't know all the lyrics to the whole album? Something was really wrong with you...
    By the way...all those groups and more were featured on my New Jack Swing Mixtape (shameless plug LOL)

  4. You'll get no argument about this one. I'd probably go farther and say that it was link that exploded the whole Rap / R & B mixture..and I'll leave it at that.

  5. Wow. posted on the very day i get my used copy in the mail from

  6. Guy's album definitely changed the game...but Keith came out first!!

  7. I LOVE GUY!! Still Do, where you at Aaron Hall?! I will never forget the first time my 10 yr old self saw this video, I had to learn the dance moves. Mami love the write up. Teddy Riley gotta love him, he gave birth to a sound that our generation grew up loving, though we respect the sound of our parents generation. Guess that explains guy's appearance twice already in the top 30 and I'm sure there are more to come along with other Teddy Jam hits.


  9. Guy: Groove Me: Teddy Riley
    Jodeci: Fennin:Devonte Swing
    Dre & Snoop: Nothing But A G Thang: Dr. Dre
    Allyahh: One N Mill: Timbaland
    Jay-Z & Mystkal :Give It 2 Me & Shake It Fast: Neptunes
    Lil Jon & Da Eastside Boyz: Dont Start No Stuff:Lil Jon
    These are all songz that changed the game in there time, let me know if i missed any........and i mean changed peoples way of thinking on how they produced beats and presented them to the market place

  10. I love dancing to this song...this song is so sexy it makes me really feel myself everytime I hear it.

  11. The Definitve New Jack Swing album!
    "Make it last forever" did come out 1st, but it was produced by who? Yup.....teddy! Teddy is the inventor of hiphop/soul and new jack swing.
    pay homage!


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