#33: Janet Jackson ‘That’s the Way Love Goes’


It goes without saying that "That's the Way Love Goes" is one of Janet Jackson's most R&B-sounding singles. What strategic timing on the part of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, to urge the label to go with something that was romantic, grown and laid-back, but still had that slight aspect of Hip Hop coolness (provided, of course, by the James Brown sample) that made the track move, instead of opening the course of the janet era with a big dance record. This was in 1993, when R&B was becoming even more Hip Hop due to acts like Mary J. Blige helping usher the New Jack Era into Hip Hop Soul, so this single for Janet was, at a minimum, a genius move.

On to the superlatives. This track earned Janet her second Grammy for "Best R&B Song" and counts as her sixth number one single. Because of its broad appeal, it would thrive on Pop stations (she's a Jackson, after all), Urban radio and Adult Contemporary formats. As many of you have stated in a BOTB that featured this track as a contender, it still sounds fresh to this day, and I'd be willing to bet that people who aren't even die-hard Janet fans have always been in love with this single. Pump her, boo, pump her!


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  1. I don't care if she's married to a troll now, I'll never forget the feeling of utter infatuation I had the first time I saw this video.

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    Not sure why but I never liked this song.. Coming from the monster production that was R. Nation..the lazy drum loop and layed back style threw me off. It never grew on me either because I still turn the channel when it comes on. The album had some joints though

  3. I still remember going to buy this album the DAY it came out when I was in high school ... back in the days when I had to beg dear old dad for money, ha ha. I still rock this cut and the whole album on the regular. Love that Janet.

  4. I've always loved this cut. It's timeless, smooth and mature.

  5. "like a moth to a flame, burned by the fire...My love is blind can't you see my desire".............smooth as smooth and twice as nice, cant front this is my all time favorite Janet song.

  6. Bounce, I have got to say I'm so feeling the attention you all have been showing Ms.Jackson lately!!!!!
    On to the article: TTWLG is an undeniable track off of the "janet." album and I feel it definitely cemented Janet's place in the realm of R&B as songs like "Rhythm Nation", and "Escapade" did for her in the realm of Pop.

  7. This song was so hot my mama had to get with it. We both loved it and still do!

  8. I love that this video came off as an intimate party with friends. No big dance production video, just some friends enjoying each other's company.

  9. Janet PLEASE go back to this sound. The Janet album and Velvet Rope are my favorites of hers; even moreso than Rhythm Nation and Control. This song is classic and timeless; I wholeheartedly agree.


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