Alicia Keys Is Every Woman In ‘Superwoman’ Video

After my initial disdain for Alicia Keys' As I Am, I eventually warmed to it and it's gotten heavy rotation around my way. And now after watching her latest video for the song "Superwoman," I am unashamedly on Team Alicia. I absolutely adore this video. Alicia plays multiple roles of everyday women and even dresses up as an Egyptian queen before she morphs into the real women she represents at the end of the video. The clip makes a statement as deep as the song's lyrics. This one goes to all of the superwomen out there.


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  1. i like this song, one of the best songs off the album.

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    Now I love me some Alicia.. AND
    This is one of the better songs off of the album, but no matter how hard I try I just can't get into the album. She recorded the entire thing at her own studio, with Crucial, and her young engineer. She probably finished the entire project before she turned it into the label. So it was probably to late to say "HEY PRETTY GIRL YOU SOUND HORSE ON NEARLY EVERY SINGLE RECORD INCLUDING YOUR LEAD SINGLE" Someone really should have stopped her and gave her some tea !

  3. I love the As I Am album and this is a great choice for the last single. Love the video. But I really wish she release one more song... "I Need You." That's my jam. "Superwoman" will definitely be a hit on all radio outlets. She released this an "No One" for everybody, and "Like You'll Never See Me Again" and "Teenage Love Affair" more for the hip hop/ R&B stations... smart business move.

  4. I like this video and this is one of the few songs on the album I actually liked. I agree with another commenter she did sound hoarse on on almost all of the songs.

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    yea I know Alicia is half white, half black, but she´s obviously only turning to her black part, I mean there are only black "superwoman" in the video. Only one white woman, and that is the social worker in the welfare office! And no hispanics. It´s obvious this song goes out to all the black women. Dissapointing, I think she eventually will loose some fans who ain´t black if she keep going on like this. I love her music, but I´d probably love it more if I felt I could identify with it more

  6. @ Linentte
    You're kidding, right? Alicia keys is a biracial woman who has always identified with her "black part" as you so eloquently put it. Unlike so many confused artists out there, she knows who and what she is and that's a BLACK WOMAN. She has always had Black love interests, friends, dancers, etc. in her videos, so why are you getting your panties in a knot now because she wants to make Black women superwomen, too? Racist, much?
    And if I only listened to or liked music based on if I could identify with the artist or find myself in their video, then I would be hard pressed for something to listen to or watch.
    At the end of the day, if you choose to dislike Alicia Keys and are no longer a fan of her music because she's too Black, too strong, then you are the one with the problem, not Ms. Keys.

  7. Well said, Butta. We finally get a music video depicting us in powerful, positive images, and now folks want to turn away from Ms. Keys? Well, adios! Poof, be gone. lol
    I wish she'd release "I Need You" or "Wrestless Love" before she takes a break. I love those songs on her album.

  8. In response to Mutada al sader the king--
    Alicia's engineer, Ann Mincieli has worked with legendary artists her whole career, and it's quite an expansive career to say the least.
    Alicia recorded this album after the death of her Nana and she purposely made this album a raw expression of her feelings in the moment. So that "hoarse" voice that you hear.... that's her emotions coming out as they are and Krucial knew that when he was producing this album.
    She also recording this album in multiple studios.... from her Oven studio in New York, to Lenny Kravitz' studio in LA.... to other studios depending on the sounds they wanted and the live session musicians that she wanted to each track.
    It was long process in the making and it was strategically planned that way. It was DEFINITELY not sloppily thrown together!!
    .... just so you know.

  9. And by the way, she also recorded a couple tracks in Paris.....
    And one thing that sets AK apart from other artists is that she doesn't give a damn what her label has to say about how her tracks come out. When her contract with J Records expires soon, she plans on going a different route anyway so that she has FULL control over every process from beginning to end.
    That being said.... I know people who just couldn't get into the record either, so I definitely respect that opinion that you have. Just thought I'd give you a little insider knowledge about the process itself. There was a lot that went into it.
    And to Linette..... that's absurd. Why do feel that you need to see a white face to be able to relate to the message of this song? Why not relate to the strength of a do-it-all, independent woman who works hard every day..... why not relate to a multi-tasking mother who is taking care of her kids and going to college..... why not relate to the superwoman in YOU?? That is the message of this song.....
    The song goes out to women everywhere. It's a shame you only see it in black and white.

  10. I think people who don't really know about Alicia shouldn't comment on what she's doing because like when people who knows the truth read it makes some look stupid. I swear when I read she did the whole album in her own studio I laughed ridiculously. Also I believe she was more hurt on this album considering all what she was going through.....
    The album is great IMO....I love it very good.
    and How many white people have black people in their vids? None get that Bull out of here.


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