Big Boi and Mary J. Blige Make a Political Statement in ‘Something’s Gotta Give’

big_boi_mary_j_blige_flag.jpgBig Boi and Mary J. Blige have teamed up for a politically-charged collaboration with the song "Something's Gotta Give." With its laid-back groove, this is a departure from the sound we're used to hearing from Big Boi but it leads you to focus on the lyrics, which touch on everything from the economy to the war to societal ills to the upcoming presidential election. And, yes, Big Boi and Mary are on Team Obama in case you were wondering. A video, from which the photo above was taken, has already been shot for the song, and it features actor/author Hill Harper alongside Big and MJB. The clip is centered around an Obama campaign office and at one point in the video a victory celebration jumps off. Nice. Until we get to feast our eyes on that, treat your ears to this.

Big Boi feat. Mary J. Blige: "Something's Gotta Give"

[Photo: Frank Micelotta /Getty Images]

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  1. Not feeling the song but damn Mary is looking good! like a bacon & egg samich:)

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    I don't understand why everyone praises 3 stacks over Big. He's just as lyrical and has just as much style as him minus the bad Prince rendition. Also he smoked him on Southernplayalisticadillac music. This is a nice joint..

  3. I really like Big Boi's lyricism, but he tends to lose me with the tracks, and this one is no exception. Very very mediocre soundscape, but I appreciate the lyrics. Can we get some balance between the message and the bounce?

  4. This song is hot and BIG BOI is always on it. He's one of the best in game! He is doing what he loves and he gives much passion. OUTKAST have always given us food for thought and this solo track is no different although I hate the fact that him and outkast did not put out another cd I LUV this its hot and it feels good and its so real for what is going on right now... outkast, obama with MJB singing the hook it can't get any better!

  5. Im really loving this song. I'm glad to see that Big Boi & Mary are making music that can really relate to us. I appreciate Big Boi for moving from the norm and addressing many political issues we're facing. I'm only 17 and i can truely relate to everything in this song so i know others can as well. Big Boi and Andre 3000 are often underrated for their lyricism, but i appreciate the music they put out! But this song is defintely food for thought! This song is definitely a very GOOD LOOK!!

  6. stepRenee: Did we listen 2 the same song?
    This song is great! Cool laid back beat, & great message.
    That 's Hill Harper & John Legend in the video!

  7. this song/video made me a lil anxious from jump, but it's the intense obama element that causes the unease rather than the music itself. the song is real. and i'm thrilled that the subject matter is making it to many sets of ears that might not otherwise think about it on a daily basis. but one line pisses me off enough to the point that it compromises my appreciation of the song, and that line is connected the the heavy obama theme. from when i first heard mary say, "and the only hope i have to help me deal with the drama is that maybe in novemeber i'll be cheering for obama," this idea has been driving me crazy. we (all of us who give a damn, but people of color and poor folk especially) need to know that the possibility of obama getting that seat in november is not enough to change all this wrong shit. it might be a start, but we can't even count on that right now. i just read an article by a friend that points out the difference between obama's phenomenal speech in march that really talked progress and change in the context of black american life (when he was still trying to get some edge on hillary) as compared to his father's day speech that targeted black american men (cosby-style) as irresponsible individuals, failing to acknowledge the systematic truths that contribute to the breakage of black families, while painting black american fathers as a nuance-less faction of the population (post-securing the democratic nomination).
    i'm going off on the ill tangent, but my point is that we (the same we i mentioned above) cannot believe that this one man will change these ugly truths. we can use him as motivation, but politicians have never really been about fixing things for us. we would do a disservice to ourselves and to barack obama the individual if we expected him to fix everything. we need to be active and we need to understand what this man's role may be come november: the first black(ish) president of a racially divided nation. unfortunately, there is a whole hell of a lot at stake and riding on this man's performance in the white house, and maybe he'll put my foot in my mouth and really be a man of and for the people, but my guess is that even if that's where his heart is, his actions and his policy nonetheless won't be all there...
    just my two (hundred) cents.

  8. Love the song but where can i get a jacket like what big boi had on

  9. I feel as though im not of age to be able to vote, I think kids can still influence others to actually go out and vote.


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