Bounce-Worthy: Nola Darling

nola_darling.jpg These days mixtapes from new artists trying to get their name and music out there are a dime a dozen, but it's the rare artist that really stands out from the pack and delivers a hot product. Singing femcee duo Nola Darling fall into that latter category, thankfully. I got wind of these two with the recent release of their Nola Darling's Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape, and I was immediately intrigued by their name. I mean who wouldn't be drawn in by a couple of young ladies with the gumption to name themselves after one of the most iconic characters in the history Black cinema, Spike Lee's sexually liberated "she" from his feature film debut She's Gotta Have It? After I dug a little deeper, I found that Nola's Nikkobya Bisou and Aziza Montnegro are more than just two cute girls with microphones. These New York University grads are actresses, filmmakers and bonafide Renaissance women who can sing over classic hip-hop beats or rap over tracks with an island flair. Members of the AOK Collective, these sisters hold it down without resorting to selling sex or themselves like many of their contemporaries. They should get props for that alone.  

Nola Darling's Pretty Gritty Mini-Mixtape is available for download at Rappers I Know. After hearing what Nola Darling has to offer you may just be left begging for more like Mars Blackmon. 

Nola Darling: "Chat Ms. Dee Jay"

Nola Darling feat. Melo-X: "The Answer"

Nola Darling

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4 Responses

  1. They definitely get props from me. Love the tracks, and even though they're not selling themselves, they're definitely easy on the eyes. 🙂
    And that name! Nola Darling. The best. lol

  2. The mix tape is butta, the sisters are way more then just some eye candy..................

  3. Nice. I particularly like those keys in "The Answer.

  4. I like. I like. They're doing something different and interesting. I also love the name Nola Darling.


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