Erykah Badu Says ‘Kiss My Placenta’

ErykahBadu.jpgErykah Badu is PISSED, y'all. Pissed like, when people judge you for having more than one "baby daddy." Only, that is the reason she's pissed. (Okay, make that was pissed since this happened last Friday, but we were on break and are still playing catch-up, so whatever.) It appears some users on the Okayplayer forums have been talking real greasy about her parenting situation, as if Erykah Badu herself (handle: "analoguegirl") doesn't frequent the boards and won't say anything in response, which is, at a minimum, asinine. If anyone has any intel on what exactly lead to this, please let us know in the feedback, but I'm going to jump on her side anyway, after a snippet of her post:

every relationship i have been in was because i loved the person DEARLY and was dedicated to us "exclusively" FOR A NUMBER OF YEARS.

the fathers of my children are my brothers and friends / we have a great deal of respect for one another and always will. / WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN TO NO END. / we took our own "vows" and CONTINUE TO UPHOLD THEM. / AND THAT IS WHAT THAT IS .


I'm guessing this runs rather deep?

My first point is this: The Internet is this wide open thing where over the past several years, people have been conditioned by the ability to leave their mark or opinions all over someone else's domain, blog, forum, etc., on any given subject because there's a perceived "right" to talk (or type) out of the side of one's mouth. On the Internet, people don't have to worry about repercussions like, oh let's say, getting your ass whooped. It's a war we resist the urge to fight here everyday at SB, although sometimes, we have to take exception. We've maybe gotten too comfortable talking to people via the Internet, to the point where basic grace and common sense flies out the window. Such is the nature of the World Wide Web and its craven, faceless users.

On the point of parenting: I don't have kids and probably don't want them. There's a strong possibility (or rumor, or truth) that I cannot stand children. But I take child rearing very seriously and have seen first-hand several times over the struggles my sisters endure trying to do it "all" in the absence of a reliable male partner. Perhaps, as part of someone's archaic Utopian ideal, a man and woman would be married with kids and equally share the parenting biologically as well as legally, but that's not the world we live in. There are all different kinds of families in our community and once we force our worldview on someone else's way of life, all we do is contribute to an endless cycle of internal oppression that has kept Black folks farther behind than we should be. Trust me when I say, Erykah Badu is not the problem. Maybe the broad living next door to you is, or your sister, or your mother, or maybe even you. Who among us has all of our ducks in a row? Targeting entertainers for how they live is just as bad as deifying them.

Pregnant With Insults


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  1. Agreed. Glad to see you guys back up and running.

  2. I'm on record as not liking Ms. Badu's music but let me say this. Not one of her babies fathers have ever said a bad word about her to the press, that speak volumes to me, She has some valid points and what works for her does not mean every young lady should run out and get knocked up by several different dudes. I am still for marriage and always will be.

  3. Okayplayer messageboard has several different forums. The news about Badu's alleged pregnancy was posted in the forum titled The Lesson which is supposed to be only for music posts, not gossip posts. There was definitely a lot of people unfairly judging Badu, her not being a good role model, the quality of her kids' lives, etc. Badu obviously got wind of the thread and posted her response to it.

  4. That' what I'm talking about Badu,straight truth! I stay woke.

  5. I read alot of ridiculous responses on a different website. I dont understand why people care so much. What does her multiple baby daddy roster selection have to do with the fact that she is a great musician and artist. E. Badu is not known for what goes on in her personal life and in her home..she is known for the music she gives to us every few years.
    I do want artists to be SOCIALLY responsible (if she was walkin around in that wig, singing "I got 3 baby daddies and you only got two/givin birth to a football team/I thought you knew" then I would find fault with her), but when it comes to what goes on in their own homes, in their own lives, I could care less. Do what you do, boo, especially if you have the means to take care of them and enough love to share with all of them.

  6. if she was walkin around in that wig, singing "I got 3 baby daddies and you only got two/givin birth to a football team/I thought you knew" then I would find fault with her
    Put an APB out for suga because she has slayed me. This is my cadaver typing.

  7. Bottom line is, as long as our tax dollars aren't feeding her kids who cares what Badu does with her vagina.

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    Cosign Vivrant Thang
    My question is why does SHE care so much. F-ck the internet and bloggers opinions they mean nothing.

  9. As badu's biggest fan, I don't understand why everyone cares this much about her kooch. I'm with vivrant thing, as long as my tax payer dollars aren't supporting her three kids, i'm cool with it. Whatever she does is her business. She makes very valid points in this post. I know some miserable mofos that are married with children. They're DEAD and it's a horrible thing to witness. Who cares that she's not married. Angelina Jolie's not and the internet raved about her birth this past weekend. Badu could drive a hummer through the sears tower and i'll still ride for her. Role model?? Of course she is. She'll always be one to me at least. I'd rather my little sisters look up to her than robotic azz Rihanna. Ho? Of course not. She has her OWN dam money and success and career and fame so she's essentially taking care of herself. Really, she doesn't even need Jay Electronica, if we want to go there. And people need to stop all this STD talk! How people know she didn't get tested with her boyfriends beforehand?? Nigrows are retarted. No one knows the kind of arrangements she has with 3000 and DOC, apparently they seem to be working it out and the fathers ARE in the children's lives. The main ones judging are the main ones with skeletons in their closets or doing unmoral behavior.
    Now what we need to be talking about are New Amerykah Parts 2 and 3. Now, when are they expected to drop?? And wtf happened to that USB stick??

  10. To Mutada al sader the king: It's not that Badu cares so much. She PAYS good money to keep Okayplayer running so technically, it's her site and she was disrespected. It's like someone coming in your house disrespecting you. You'd have to tell them off too. If they were just talking about her music or fashion, it would be different. But don't talk about her children and her family (her personal life). That's just plain wrong. She had to respond and I'm glad she did. Nigrows need to really get a life and stop worrying about her uterus.

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    I feel you Jenn and honestly I don't know how deeply it would effect me if my family and (future) children were being blogged about in a negative way. She just alleyways (in my opinion) had this air about her that kind of makes it seem like she's above all of this stuff. I can see a rap artist responding to net rumors but it kind of surprised me when she responded and responded so forcefully.

  12. She responds on OKP every now and then and has quite the sense of humor. A while back, she let users ask her questions and responded. If you make a post regarding her, she'll more than likely respond. It's a good forum but there are some venemous mutts on OKPlayer. She's gone off on the boards before though, but not to this extent. It's personal and she did right by putting people in their place.

  13. I do think it's her business ... but I suspect that if this were a more mainstream act like Mariah, Rihanna, Janet or Beyonce, the responses here would be entirely different - even if they were handling their business as mothers. I'm just sayin' ...

  14. S. Fleming: If they were taking care of their business and not using my money, then I wouldn't have shish to say about their vajayjays. Who am I to judge???? Who is anyone to judge???
    Angelina Jolie is unmarried and has three out of wedlock babies and people can celebrate that. Diddy has children with three different mothers and no one says sheesh about that. Now it's Erykah and people have something to say. Double standards suck.

  15. I hear you Jennifer and I agree, double standards do suck. But come on now - if Beyonce had a babies with Jay-Z, Flo-Rida and T.I., she would be held up as the downfall of the modern black woman's image, and nobody can tell me anything different. (I'm not a fan of Beyonce by the way, I'm just using her as an example, ha ha) That's just my point of view though, and I'm not saying it's right. It's like you said, at the end of the day none of us are starving because of it, so it's no big deal.
    What I find interesting is that the tone over at the board where all this jumped off has changed a bit and she's actually engaged some of the posters in a very interesting discussion about black family issues and where they stem from. It made me think, that's for sure.

  16. Yeah, the tone of the board changed because the posters were wrong. I post over there and know personally that the topic was in the wrong forum. She's explaining that family can be anything or anyone that takes care of you. Anyone who gives you a bowl of beans when you're in need, anyone who gives you a sweater when you're cold. She's right. I come from two broken families and couldn't agree with her more. Very interesting discussion in deed.
    We live in a world that dictates what's right and what's wrong and tells us how we should live our life. Erykah has NEVER conformed and that's what I always liked about her. It takes a brave person to live one's life without regards as to what others think. That's what always set Erykah apart. You can look at her and tell she's a free spirit, lol!
    Not hate but Beyonce (not a stan but I like her) is a conformist and would get even harsher criticism if she did have babies with all those guys you mentioned (excluding Jay-Z). If that's what she decided to do (Papa Knowles wouldn't let it happen though) than that would be her business.
    Ulricka Johnson, a celebrity in England has four children with four fathers. People went crazy over her situation too. Her children are taken care of without government taxpayer money so what's the issue?

  17. does she really think it is good for those children to watch men run in and out of their mother. she needs some morals before her daughter grows up to run through men like the mother does. what is she showing the younger generation. i thought she was supposed to be a strong sister. a strong black woman has respect for herself and should show some class and not give away free @$$ and not use a condom. what about aids. will she give any man a taste. she needs to stop making excuses and learn to close her legs. i bet common is glad that he did not have a child with her. she is disfunctional.
    you could catch something other than a child support check. Remember your daughter is watching you and a child will emulate the parent.
    Low Class.

  18. Jada, she's been with Jay for a few years now, this isn't anything new. The relationship has been kept very quietly for privacy reasons so he's no random dude that just ran up in her. A few questions for you since you're on a high horse: How do you know that they didn't plan to have a child?? How do you know that she didn't get tested for HIV/AIDS? How do you know what kind of arrangements she has with Andre and DOC? How do you know that she will give any man a taste? She's in a freaking long-term RELATIONSHIP with Jay, for Christ's sakes. And what kind of morally sound life are you living that places you in a position to judge anyone?? The moral police get on my nerves, I swear they do. Always the ones with the most skeletons in their closets and doing the most unholy things. Also, how do you know she gets child support checks?? Do your tax dollars go to supporting her children?? Your way of living and raising a family isn't necessarily the "right" way and doesn't work for everyone so it's hubris for you to think that your views are better than anyone else's.
    If anything, Erykah has high class. She takes care of her children and has a successful career. She's showing the younger generation that you should live your life, as long as you take care of your responsibilities and f***k what everyone else thinks. I'd rather my sisters look up to her than these pop-tart robotic bunnies out here because Erykah's as REAL as REAL gets.
    I speak because I come from a 2-parent home that didn't work out so I know that a "traditional" family with married parents doesn't always work out. And just because society says that's the way it's supposed to be doesn't mean it's going to work out. Nothing's perfect, my dear. Not even you. Funny thing is no one says anything about Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry's out-of-wedlock babies. The world rejoiced when Angelina welcomed her babies last week. O and let's talk about Britney Spears. Now that's someone who's children I feel sorry for. She doesn't even have full custody of them anymore. And don't get me started on Diddy's situation.

  19. jennifer.
    i am not talking about what the world says. i am talking about what the bible says and no matter how you or erykah try to spin it, its still a sin and it is a sin for a reason. who are you to say that GOD is wrong. GOD said that it is not right. Not me. So you are just mad because i hit a nerve. maybe you cant find a man that wants to marry you so you are making excuses for what you are lacking. if she was a strong woman she would be smart enough to wait and keep her legs closed until GOD sends her the husband for her. But you prostitutes cant wait can you. you like to share it with as many as you can. have some respect for yourself. you mama didnt teach you that.

  20. Jada, your comments were really ridiculous and out of line. If you're so into God and if it's such a sin, let him judge Erykah. Keep your toungue to yourself. This is why people don't go to church, you "church folk" always taking smack and are the main devils, causing havock. PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH and leave everyone else alone. I still don't understand why you care so much about HER vagina. YOU'RE not paying for her and her children and matter of fact, she could care a less about your ragamuffin self. And don't get me started on the bible. The bible is nothing but a copy of what the ancient Egyptians wrote about years earlier. Keep believing what you read and you'll be drinking Jesus Juice like Jim's followers. The research is out there, do your homework angel. I'm not a prostitute and am not looking for a husband right now. I'm only 23 years old sweetie, and have a fulfilling career. I am a productive citizen and can get any man I want. When my time's right, he'll come but I'm too young to be hell-bent on marriage. Trust me baby, I am too young to be worried about that now. And I keep telling you that MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. You can't impose your way of life on someone else. What works for you doesn't work for everyone else. And even when you do married, it doesn't mean you're going to stay together forever. That's common sense. You have a Cinderella way of thinking about love. Time to be realistic sweetie. Would you like to be in and out of marriages just for the sake of BEING MARRIED??? And just because you get married doesn't mean that your life is A-OK. Why do women think that marriage equals security? Security comes from within Jada. Not from a marriage certificate. Did YOUR momma teach you that ANGEL???????? If not, you need to learn it.

  21. be TRUE be YOU Erykah!


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