‘Fall’ For Something New From Brandy

Could it be that Brandy has finally found a worthy comeback song? Methinks yes with the track "Fall" that is rumored to be the first single from her as-yet-untitled next album. After a string of mediocre to wack leaks that have popped up online over the past year or so, it's good to hear Brandy sink her teeth into some decent material. Though she's not breaking an new ground here, "Fall" is vintage Brandy. Her voice is strong and blends nicely with the music as it starts off with a slow burn then builds into a fire-hot track. Now I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to Brandy's new project, because I was beginning to wonder. B-Rocka is back, y'all.

Brandy: "Fall"

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    She can do no wrong...Butta I agree, the leaks were subpar...but this woman NEVER fails to deliver a solid of her generation, COMPLETELY original voice.. Sexy and yes..she was better than Aliyah (RIP), Monica and any of these birds they are putting out today..

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    "Vintage" Brandy? I would have to agree. Almost sounds like a track that didn't make it onto 'Full Moon' if you ask me... (yes, I know, nobody's asking me! LOL!)

  3. I can't wait for the album to come out. Afrodisiac was amazing, as are all of Brandy's albums. This is a very very tight song. Keyshia Cole better watch out because Brandy is seriously ready to take her place in a hot minute!

  4. She is utterly amazing...I've been waiting for another album for soooo long. Can't wait! Go head Brandy!!!

  5. Someone has to say this............It might as well be me........Brandy feel off a long time ago, too many personal issues have effected her ability to create good music. Is this track is any reflection on her upcoming album then she's in big trouble....................

  6. Doesn't really move me one way or the other. Let's see what else she working with.
    Then again, I can't remember the last time I purchased a Brandy album so maybe I should have skipped this post.

  7. Great post. However, I really liked some of the leaked songs. "Follow Me", "what have you done for me" and "sweet nothings" are pretty good. I think they are better than "Fall" and are more vintage Brandy.
    @ Nate, I agree. "Afrodisiac" was a great album that was slept on. Brandy has never released an album I did not like. GO BRANDY!!!

  8. I'll pass. Did not connect with the single that much. Still have love for Brandy!

  9. I like this, but it's making me miss good R&B Brandy tho. I love R&B and I like Pop music. Maybe it's just me but it sounds like a of R&B stars are going for a broader more Pop sound. I guess that's what is selling (Damn U Rihanna).

  10. I hate when people say that Brandy has "fell off" years ago. Everyone has hard times .. and this will only make her stronger in the end. Now ya'll know damn well that this song don't sound like it should've been on Full Moon .. it's sounds fresh, and NEW, and a def. radio hit. Brandy was born to make music. Don't start saying she fell off just because her last two albums weren't greatly excepted by TODAY's AMERICA. Maybe if we start appreciating REAL music then that would have never happened to her. And it's a shame because she is a beautiful PERSON, and VOCALIST. Stop hating, and appreciate her .. because we all know tomorrow is not promised, and she's just giving us (MEANING HER TRUE FANS) what we've been waiting for. So God bless you all and let's make her new album go diamond forreal! Trust me ya'll . she got alot more heat under her belt than this track. P.S.: I was thinking .. a video for this song would be a really goo dlook her for. They can get some beautiful shots, and they should choose an exotic location. LOL. IIght I'ma get out of here now. God bless.

  11. B-ROCKA!!!!!!!!!!!! what else can I say? GO GIRL. and yes she is ON!!!!!!!!!! i dont care about what any of these people think. And its funny because the people that love to dis brandy have no idea what good music is. And they dont know what they are talkin about. In fact they are probably off listening to souljah boi right now as we speak, lol (sorry if i didnt spell his name correctly, im not a fan). Anyone who knows anything about great music, crazy backrounds, and putting your heart into a song is a fan of hers.

  12. I feel like brandy's number one fan, and with that being said even I feel like this song "fall" is defnitiely a good song, however its not worthy to be a comeback single. It isnt fresh enough, or edgy enough, it sounds like so many other songs being played right now. I would like to see a new harder ultra sexy brandy with a hot "new" reinvented sound. Some tracks with some hard drums, and risky lyrics. I would love to have creative control over her album and image, i would make brandy finally get the comeback noone ever expected, and i hope thats what her new album delivers. No more paint by number tracks. And all the leaked tracks u hear are not any of brandys own personal tracks, she is also a songwriter, and professional song writes record tracks they never plan on releasing so they can have a ruffdraft for an artist who picks the song up, "fall" might just be another one of her songs she just recorded for songwriting purposes, and if not its stiil a good single, it just shouldnt be the one she returns with for a comeback

  13. erggggggggggggg is not the first single, rumor is to be Departed ( right here with me ) the count down is on 13 more days.. i think is gonna be official on the 15th........... so get ready for the real queen b... back for her thrown in MUSIC INDUSTRY


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