Illa Keeps Dilla Alive on New Project

illaj.jpgJ Dilla was never the type of producer to make a couple of hot tracks then rest on his laurels; the cat stayed in the studio, churning out beat after beat with each one sounding nothing like the one that came before it. He passed in 2006, but left behind a dense collection of unheard work. His brother John "Illa J" Yancey, 12 years James' junior, is set to release his own album, fortified by Dilla's beats. What inspired the project was some unreleased Dilla material recorded during the production of The Pharcyde's Labcabincalifornia, passed to Illa by Delicious Vinyl founder, Michael Ross. The project, which should largely be considered a collaboration rather than a solo album, is serendipitous since it will be released on Delicious Vinyl, the same label that released Labcabincalifornia. No word on the name yet, but we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, check out the video for "Won't Do," starring Illa as Dilla after the bounce.

Illa J [Myspace

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    Can't wait to not hear this. j/k

  2. This Dilla fan is feeling this.
    Nice head-nodder. Cool video. All of his "womens" are fully clothed and still fly. What more can you ask for really?


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