Jazmine Sullivan Will ‘Bust Your Windows’ If You Do Her Wrong

A few weeks ago we posted a blog alerting everyone to a new song snippet that Jazmine Sullivan posted on her MySpace page. The song was dope but entirely too short to really get into. Fast forward to today and the full version of "Bust Your Windows" is out and the song is even better than we initially surmised. Jazmine sings over retro orchestration about doing some very bad things to her man's car after he broke her heart. We don't condone destruction of property here at SoulBounce, but
sometimes a brick needs to accidentally on purpose find its way through a windshield. Ish happens. At any rate, enjoy this cut as much as I did.

Jazmine Sullivan: "Bust Your Windows"
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10 Responses

  1. Yeah...I like the song. I wouldn't ever do it, but it is nice to at least hear it played out in a song...a way to express that emotion vicariously, rather than actually. Although there are a few ladies out there who will take it as literal advice...

  2. i think this is my favorite song ever. girls like jazmine and dondria aka phatffat are really about to change the game. im loving it!!!

  3. Sounds like a James Bond theme from the 60's w/the strings. Cool song. Of course I would never do anything like this. 🙂

  4. I love Jazmine. I just hate that I have to share her with everybody nowadays. Almost had a heart attack when I heard on the radio. lol

  5. I LOVE this chick, she is so fab, I've been listening to her for awhile on Youtube and stuff, so I am so excited about her success.

  6. i luv the heartfelt emotion and the instrumentation. it reminds me of burt bacharach and phil spector's music. i also appreciate the fact that she says that she knows that busting his windows won't mend her broken heart. so many people missed that focusing on revenge but there's no revenge when the cops come knocking on your door.

  7. I've broken some shit in the past. Good expensive irreplaceable shit. She's right about it not being enough to mend a broken heart. I like this song. Jazmine's great.

  8. I love jazzie.... Been listening to her for years... Met her the other day in Chicago.. Not only is she amazingly talented but she's a sweet girl. I'm so sorry I have to share her with everybodyelse too...

  9. @ Sho: Are you serious?! How in the world could you put Jazmine and Dondria in the same sentence? Jazmine is an artist and she can sang. Dondria is a girl with a pretty voice that got lucky on YouTube and will surely not last more than a year. Dondria is not the least bit original, especially with that song "Can't Stop," which sounds like a more pop-influenced version of Solange's "I Decided," which is far superior in every way. Her videos on YouTube sound like a carbon-copy of the originals; she totally swagger-jacked Chrisette Michele on her rendition of "Love Is You." And to top it all of, Dondria is in Jermaine Dupri's hands... and y'all know how all of his artists end up. It's almost as bad as being on Bad Boy. (Hey, Cheri Dennis!)

  10. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    N IM ONLY 15!!!