Looks Like Janelle Has A Reason To ‘Smile’

janellemonae.jpgDespite the fear that being signed to Bad Boy Records would somehow turn Janelle Monae into a hip hop-soul pop tart (à la Cassie), she is back with some new material from her forthcoming Suite I: The Chase EP. The acoustic giutar on "Smile" along with the simplistic beauty in Monae's voice is a welcome change from the futuristic sci-fi sounds on her past tracks. As an added bonus, the additional instrumentation on "Mr. President" is still simplistic and, dare I say, more pop-worthy than her previous work. While we should all wait and see what's to come from the Janelle/Bad Boy merger, these two tracks demonstrate that she has more range than even some of her stans may have known. 

Janelle Monae: "Smile"

Janelle Monae: "Mr. President"

[H/T: 2DB]

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  • Wow....this is defintely more "pop friendly" than her Metropolis stuff. She sounds completely different on these tracks. Don't get me wrong...they're GREAT, but I find the Metropolis a lot more exciting.

  • Nate

    I agree with Stone. They're good, but not as out-there as her other tracks. But of course, I guess she can't keep producing stuff that sounds the same... but it's just so drastic. I'll be buying the re-issue of suite I, absolutely. But these two tracks will sound completely out of place tagged on to the end of it, especially after "Sincerely Jane.

  • dreamondreamer

    'smile' has been floating around for awhile, there's even video on youtube of her performing it on a local atlanta tv show. 'mr. president' i've never heard before. i like it, but i agree, they won't fit on suite I at all. i love anything she does, but damnit diddy, don't mess up this masterpiece of a themed album concept.

  • supaNOVI400

    I LOVE this! She is SO diverse. Her voice is flawless.

  • Mutada al sader the king

    Wow she's got a nice voice, I never paid her no mind because of all the weird promo pics and what not. But she's nice, I'll check the album when it drops

  • Madame Z

    I love her style and her voice and her overall presence. I'm mad at myself that I haven't purchased her first record...I'll get it soon enough though. 🙂


    good stuff


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