Looks Like Janelle Has A Reason To ‘Smile’

janellemonae.jpgDespite the fear that being signed to Bad Boy Records would somehow turn Janelle Monae into a hip hop-soul pop tart (à la Cassie), she is back with some new material from her forthcoming Suite I: The Chase EP. The acoustic giutar on "Smile" along with the simplistic beauty in Monae's voice is a welcome change from the futuristic sci-fi sounds on her past tracks. As an added bonus, the additional instrumentation on "Mr. President" is still simplistic and, dare I say, more pop-worthy than her previous work. While we should all wait and see what's to come from the Janelle/Bad Boy merger, these two tracks demonstrate that she has more range than even some of her stans may have known. 

Janelle Monae: "Smile"

Janelle Monae: "Mr. President"

[H/T: 2DB]

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  1. Wow....this is defintely more "pop friendly" than her Metropolis stuff. She sounds completely different on these tracks. Don't get me wrong...they're GREAT, but I find the Metropolis a lot more exciting.

  2. I agree with Stone. They're good, but not as out-there as her other tracks. But of course, I guess she can't keep producing stuff that sounds the same... but it's just so drastic. I'll be buying the re-issue of suite I, absolutely. But these two tracks will sound completely out of place tagged on to the end of it, especially after "Sincerely Jane.

  3. 'smile' has been floating around for awhile, there's even video on youtube of her performing it on a local atlanta tv show. 'mr. president' i've never heard before. i like it, but i agree, they won't fit on suite I at all. i love anything she does, but damnit diddy, don't mess up this masterpiece of a themed album concept.

  4. I LOVE this! She is SO diverse. Her voice is flawless.

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    Wow she's got a nice voice, I never paid her no mind because of all the weird promo pics and what not. But she's nice, I'll check the album when it drops

  6. I love her style and her voice and her overall presence. I'm mad at myself that I haven't purchased her first record...I'll get it soon enough though. 🙂

  7. good stuff


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