Morning Soul: Infatuation Situation

  • Any guesses about who the mystery rapper is on the cover of VIBE's 15th Anniversary Juice issue? [VIBE]
  • Wyclef owes Jacob the Jeweler some serious coins. [HH]
  • Christina Aguilera strikes a pose for Macy's 150th anniversary. [DL]
  • Monica works the pole on her new album cover. [SONYC]
  • T.I. and Nelly are planning an album together. Cue crickets. [UMB]
  • Who's the better band between Tony! Toni! Toné! versus Mint Condition. You be the judge. [BIB]

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  • Sharonda

    Not interested in TI/Nelly album how tang is that?
    I can't choose between Mint Condition and Tony Toni Tone' don't make me chose!

  • stoneyisland

    Tony, Toni, Tone hands down, no question about it.

  • Nate

    Well, after the cover of Monica's last album with nothing to keep her puppies warm other than a less-than-generous amount of rope, I guess the only way to go is up on the class-o-meter! I wish they would photoshop that pole and turn it into a lamp post, streetlights, or something. Then the picture would say "girl next door" instead "slightly classy wh--e." On the serious tip, though, I'm really rooting for Monica. She has such a beautiful voice and her last album wasn't bad at all, in my opinion. Maybe a bit too "trendy," but...
    Memo to SoulBounce: never mention Christina Aguilera's name in my presence unless you want a smack-down. I can't stand her. Chick sounds like she's having a baby, dying, or taking a crap everytime she opens her mouth and then people call her "soulful." Psh.

  • That mystery rapper is either Soulja Boy or Lil Wayne. *rollin eyes*
    Monica on a pole? I blame Beyonce.
    Tony Toni Tone hands down. I'm an Oakland baby. What can I say?

  • How did I miss Laurnea? ***claps hands excitedly***


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