Morning Soul: Swear Up and Down

  • Monica's reality show The Single hits airwaves next week...on Peachtree TV? Here's to hoping the episodes show up on YouTube with the quickness. [PTV]
  • Whitney Houston is still slumming with Ray J. [CL]
  • MC Lyte's blog,, was the talk of the town at the Blogging While Brown conference mixer last week. [TKI]
  • Check out the real names of your favorite soul artists. So that's Maxwell's last name? Cool! Butta Rivera has a nice ring to it. [AR&B]
  • Are these the hip-hop stars of tomorrow? [Y!]
  • The FCC has approved the XM/Sirius merger. Took them long enough to do the inevitable. [Variety]

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2 Responses

  1. This song was definitely Prince-inflected and I loved it. I have her first record; listen to it occasionally. I wonder what's going on with her now?

  2. CHEROKEE. An artist that was really slept on. I loved this song and her "Oh wee wee" song. And there was this tracked penned by Musiq called "Lips" that was fantastic. This is why I love SOUL BOUNCE. They post about MUSIC. Keep it up!


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