Morning Soul: Can You Feel It?

4 Responses

  1. AAAAAHHHHHHH*screams @ the top of my lungs* I can't believe it!!!! This is such a glimpse into my childhood, hell I'm going to a Prince VS Michael Jackson party tomorrow, but this song...this video...suddenly I'm 4 years old again and Mike and Prince are fighting over me. Memories...

  2. This video was really innovative for it's time, although by today's standards, the effects are rather cheesy, but back then, they were cutting edge. MJ was just coming off from acting in The Wiz and this was like the first official "last Jacksons" album.

  3. Back in the day this was video it was ahead of it's time. The last great jackson 5 song.

  4. Diddy? Snubbed? If the definition of snubbed means "not chosen because you're not good enough", then no, I am not surprised that he was snubbed for an Emmy. I would expect to see Sanaa nominated ...and then the African dude and then the dude who was in barbershop and then John Stamos before I'd expect to see Sean nominated.


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