New Videos From Ashanti, Keri Hilson & CeCile

Fellas, you're in for a treat with this week's new video roll call. The ladies have some serious eye candy
for ya. First up is my guilty pleasure, Ashanti, with a sexy cute new video for her second single. Yeah, her man Nelly is in it for a hot second, but I'm sure Ashanti tarting it up in barely there outfits will distract y'all. Bringing more hotness is R&B's latest darling, Keri Hilson, with her debut video. To this one I say "Hot damn!" Girlfriend is looking right and tight in this clip about a love TKO. And for the reggae massive is rude gyal CeCile bringing some island stylee to nice up the party.

Ashanti: "Good Good"

Keri Hilson: "Energy"

CeCile: "Goody"

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3 Responses

  1. Melina is a great director. I love the colors she uses and she's definitely bringing music videos back to where they need to be. She directed both Ashanti and Keri's new videos. Ashanti is my guilty pleasure, too, even though I'm not really digging her new album. "Good Good" is a great choice for a single, though, and I love the video. I like Keri's video, too, but after all the hype about her and all the hot songs she's written for other artists, I wish she would've released a better leadoff single. "Energy" is just okay and it sounds like a lot of other stuff on the radio. It's nothing hot or special. CeCile isn't really up my lane, but it's aiight.

  2. Really like ashanti's song and video..she has been getting bad press, but i think this single is cute and vid is even cuter. i hope it works for her...that ceclie joint is quite simialr though...i hope they don't cancel each other out....keri hilson- not feeling the song or parts of the vid looks like she's channeling jennifer beal in flashdance with the hair and eighties gear....

  3. Was anyone else embarrassed watching that Ashanti video? I will have to say, though, she is looking the best she ever has!


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