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joe_new_york.jpgJoe is an R&B artist who, in my opinion, does not get his props in today's music game. But that's about to change if Kedar Massenburg has his way. Joe, who has now added his last name to the mix and wants to be known as Joe Thomas moving forward, is the latest singer added to Massenburg's growing roster of talent on his Kedar Entertainment label. Even better news: He has two albums scheduled to be released in the next year. The first drop will be the disc New Man coming in September with the follow up, Signature, coming right in time for Valentine's Day '09.

It's hard to believe that his first album was released 15 summers ago, but the 30-something crooner has remained on his grind despite lackluster sales of his recent releases. However, Joe hopes to change that trend with New Man, and from the leaks that have surfaced online recently, it's quite possible. The teaser track for the new set is "E.R. (Emergency Room)" and the official first single is "Why Just Be Friends." I'm diggin "E.R.," but the track that really has me open is the love song "Beautiful." Another song, "Triple Black Room," sounds more like album filler than single material, but it's not a bad song.

A few weeks ago, I attended a private party thrown by BETJ where Joe was the featured act. He sang tracks from his extensive catalog of hits and all of the women in the audience had his background vocals on lock as we sang along with him. Now that I'm hearing this new material, though, I'm kinda mad that he didn't deliver any new tunes to us, but this just means I'll have to catch him when he officially goes on tour. And if you know like I know you'll do the same.  

In the meantime, give a listen to these new tracks from Mr. Thomas, and let us know which ones you're checking for in the comments.

Joe Thomas: "E.R. (Emergency Room)"

Joe Thomas: "Beautiful"

Joe Thomas: "Triple Black Room"


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    Finally Joe aka Joe Thomas has stepped his game up and it sounds fabulous, I would buy it. For the longest it just seemed like Joe was singing the same song over and over again. But with the three songs I just heard, I can HEAR the growth and I don't know who to credit that to; Joe Thomas or his new label, Kedar Entertainment. Either way, Massenburg has a great reputation in the industry, and those that know music, know that great artists are attached to the name. I'm excited to see this other side of Joe Thomas, not to mention I am definitely feeling the grown and sexy sound. I loved the message in "Beautiful", and the sexiness of "Triple Black Room" . The song "Emergency" had a nice pop feel to it without sounding like he was trying to compete in the same bracket as Chris Brown or Usher, which would be a ridiculous at this point in Joe's career. I really liked emergency, it had a theme and it flowed nicely.....No complaints on anything, good job Joe Thomas!

  2. Bout time soulbounce came back on line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Never really liked this cat that much although "all the things your man wont do" was a classic slow jam. For every good song he puts out, there are 5 or 6 so-so cuts, these 3 being a part of that so-so class.

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    What a truly UNIQUE voice, I cant really trace back his influences like you can on most singers....Man ! Been f*cking with Joe since he was New Jack swing on his first album ! He's easily top 5 of "his" generation of r&b.. Mcknight, Babyface, Levert (RIP), etc...I'd like him to start writing more, his last album was choc full of Garret, Stargate songs etc. Beautiful was nice vocally but the track was trash. Triple Black Room sounded like a song called "fast car" on The Dreams album basically a Prince rip off. I fux with Joe though

    And with Kweli and Little Brother and Joe Thomas to boot! It doesn't get any better than this.
    welcome back SOULBOUNCE...we've missed you.

  6. Lovin ER and Beautiful. I've always liked Joe and his voice. He showed some class. He did some nice collabo work with my favorite ex-con Chico DeBarge back in the day.
    Nice to see Soulbounce back! Missed my daily read.

  7. First..I'm so glad yall back.... whew!
    Second..I'm glad he changed his name...will make it easier to look for him on the web!
    Great tracks!!!!!!!!!

  8. Ya know...I really like Joe's voice, but I have NEVER understood why he settles on singing over these predictable tracks. Had he ever decided (or if he does in the future) to sing over a real band with grown folks' music, he'd be a star. I don't see these tracks as being a breakout for him at all, unfortunately. Shame...bcuz the brother is talented.

  9. Can't really vote yes on any of them. If a gun was held to my head, I'd go with "Beautiful." But really none of these work for me.
    I agree with Steph. He is too talented for this subpar production. Meantime, I'll continue to get my groove on to "All The Things..." Remember the good ole days.

  10. Part of the problem with Joe (besides the issues previously mentioned) is that he has no personality. He always seems to look obligated to sing. Maybe he'll look like he knows and means what he's saying from now on.
    I jusy realized that SoulBounce was back! I've missed this...

  11. I had a chance to listen to both albums a couple weeks ago... pure genius... I cant wait for them to drop... not being on a major he will finally be able to do the type of music he really wants to write and arrange.... fans will really be able to feel what is in Joe's heart and the we all know he has one of the most beautiful voices out...


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